•  "Between Darkness and Light" (The International Society Of Poets Anthology; 2000)
Contributing Author
Work in Progress
  • The Loracian Stone - my first NaNo Novel.  Being heavily revised RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Resolution Girl - 2012 NaNo novel...still a work in progress.
  • Doubles - 2013 NaNo novel.   Utter garbage.  Not sure it is salvageable.
Writing Goals
  • Map out Loracian Stone for rewrite.  Necessary to resolve some continuity errors.
  • Finish writing Resolution Girl
  • Learn how to use Scrivener- sort of happening as I go.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

In November 2010, I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote my first novel "The Loracian Stone".   The creative exercise of writing a novel in such a tight time frame was exhilarating and made me realize I need to do things like that more often to better my writing.

2011 - I joined NaNo again to add to and revise The Loracian Stone.  I did add an extra 20,000 words to TLS but left open some gaping holes that needed fixing (still in progress).

2012 - I started a new novel - Resolution Girl.  This one was to be a quirky chick-lit and I like the direction I was taking it...but I was too busy that month to dedicate the time it needed.

2013 - Signed up again with a local running/writing friend.  I attempted something a little Sci-fi but while the concept was good, it needed more planning on the mechanics.  The novel was pretty much garbage, but it proved that anyone can win NaNo writing complete drivel.  One day, I may give this idea the attention it deserved and try again.