About Me

My name is Cori.  I'm in my mid-thirties now and am doing all of the things I probably should have concentrated on in my early twenties.   Things like developing real friendships and pursuing talents and hobbies.  Just call me a late bloomer there.  But, better late than never :)

My husband and I started dating back in 2002.   We met at design school and dated 5 years before we got hitched in a small, beautiful ceremony in Puerto Vallarta in 2008.   The following year, we gave birth to identical twin girls on May 26.   Our family is the 4 of us, plus one kooky, 9 year old basset lab named Abner (or, more often, CancerHound - he is a sarcoma survivor). We live in a tiny little town just east of Calgary in a house we built before we were even engaged.

As a mom, I am pretty laid back.  All I want is for my girlies to have their own identities (so, stop buying us matching outfits already, guys) and to grow up in a house filled with far too much laughter and lots of hugs.

The stars of the show around our house - Buggie (left) and Doodle.
Hubby shot this in our little home studio

A few other things about me:
  • I've been vegetarian for much of the last 14 years.  I did go back to eating poultry for a couple of years because I was getting really sick but after reading about the antibiotics in meat, I went back to veg and just concentrated on being a better vegetarian
  • In my grown up life, I am a web designer in the public sector.  
  • I'm deathly allergic to pink.  Yes, the colour.  In a year or so when my daughters discover it, I am going to have a problem on my hands.
  • I have the same birthday as Mickey Mouse.  As an 18th bday gift to myself, because I didn't drink at the time, I got a tattoo of him on my ankle to mark the occassion.
  • I HATE cooking.  REALLY, REALLY hate it.  If I post a recipe, it's because it's a) super quick and easy, and b) delicious.   
In January 2010, I sat unhappy and fat and made the decision to become a healthy, balanced and fit mom for my daughters.   The journey that transpired is what I chronicle here.  It hasn't been easy and often has setbacks, but I keep pushing forward to find peace with myself and my size.

As for the Read.Write.Run.  it is just a short list of who I am.   The read is for all things book.  Write is my quest to prove the value of my imagination.  And Run is more than just running - it is my using my daughters as inspiration to lose weight and get fit.  Check out each section to see what I mean :)

That is me in a nutshell...Enjoy.

C :)