Sunday, August 23, 2015

Who wrote this training plan anyway?

That is what I've been wondering as I charge my Garmin each week...12k? AGAIN?   And then I remember...I wrote it.  I probably shouldn't be allowed to do that.  So this time, I decided to set myself a goal.

Cori - your goal on THIS 12k is to hit 7k in around an hour!

Wha?  I'm setting goals now?   Crazysauce!

So - I headed into the city.  I was running solo, but I was determined to do it while it was still nice and cool out!

I parked at the parking space we rent for hubby )booyah!  Saved $3 right there - that's practically coffee! Lookit me be all budget conscious!) and ran the 1k toward Eau Claire and the washroom.

Beautiful morning for a run.  I even had a pace squirrel on the way!

Of course, the silly bugger was going the wrong way.  Fat lotta help that was.

Something was going on at Eau Claire (as per most summer weekends) and there was a huge crowd and live band I made the quick decision to take a swift pitstop and then head East.  I'd run through St Patricks again and carry on east past Inglewood to the 7k mark and turn around.   That should bring me to 12k at Eau Claire and allow me to enjoy my coffee on the walk back to my car.

Unfortunately, an eastbound start at 8am means running into the sun.  I was thankful for the trees.  and found myself really wishing I could wear hats to run.

I liked this little glimpse of the top of the Calgary tower between the buildings.

Before long, I was at the skipping stone bridge and on my way to the island.

So pretty.

I tightroped along the edge of the low bridge.

Zoomed across the ventilated bridge.

Took a left and up over the original wood footbridge.

I took a quick pitstop at the washrooms here (time to bladder train again or I'll be peeing my way through Fish Creek park on race day)

Then it was time to leave the island.  One quick glimpse in wonder that the cheap looking bistro tables are still there.  They are pretty but I so can't see them lasting.

and then it was time to keep going.  I was just on the other side of the zoo parking lot and I was suddenly whisked up onto the Inglewood Bridge!

What?  The path used to keep going on the north side of the river.  This was new.  I had been pep talking myself that when I saw the water snakes sunning themselves, I would take a picture instead of screaming.   Now that wasn't going to happen.

oh who are we kidding - it wasn't going to happen anyway - those suckers freak me out.

Luckily the path on the south side is incredibly beautiful, full of shady spots and winds through the forest by the weir.  I could live with the change in route.

Soon, I was creeping up on one hour and wondering if I would be making my 7k goal... close...

Just 3 mins later I was there...

Not too shabby.  I had been running fairly steadily and, had I not had to have that pitstop on the island - I would have made it.   Huzzah!  7k in an hour means a 3 hour half if I can maintain it.   That is my hope for Harvest.

So 7k meant turnaround time and I was then heading back into civilization.  Instead of taking Inglewood Bridge across, I decided to stay on the south side the whole way.

As I ran into Inglewood, I passed some road construction that had the strangest smell - it was like tar with a sharp aftertaste of KFC.  Most strange indeed.

As I was pondering this strange thought, I suddenly realized there was rustling to my right and the tinkling of a bell and I nearly jumped out of my skin!  Turns out I was about to make a super friendly little guy.  Silly me - didn't check his collar for a nametag.  But he sure wanted to snuggle me (despite his disgusted face in this shot)

My energy was flagging, but I wasn't thinking anything of it...just taking lots of walk breaks but always moving forward.

Yeah - slow was not going to be a problem.

And was this island always here?  I don't think it was.

and this bridge?  DEFINITELY wasn't here last time.  Not complaining!  It was lovely to see.

and to run over.

It spit me out right behind Fort Calgary.

and as Bloom came into view across the river...

 I realized why I was walking so much.

Stupid fuelling.  I am so out of practice, I had forgotten to take my Gu.  Ah well - better late than never.  Perhaps it will power me through the homestretch.

In the last kilometre, they were setting up for WingFest and there was this group of Crazy Cat Ladies with signs.  I loved this one.  I snapped a pic and then had to hightail it.  They were in recruiting mode and started to circle me.....

But I can definitely say I am ready to Embrace the Crazy. In so many ways.

then - before I knew it - I was done.  12k in under 2 hours.  Not great but really really not bad for me.

Time for cawfee.  I really prefer The Bean Stop to Good Earth these days at Eau Claire.  Much nicer coffee.

and my cup sleeve made me giggle.

Until next time!

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  1. What a scenic run! Love all the pictures! I'll need to do that route before snow flies.

    Great job on the run. You are making a comeback!

    And the bathrooms in FC are way off the pathway so try to avoid needing to use them! I had to use them 2x last Harvest (20 week baby bouncing on bladder= frequent stops!) and they totally killed my time bc you had to go so far off course.


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