Sunday, August 23, 2015

Solo Melting

*More catch up*

August 13, 2015

My week without my kids was coming to an end.  We had a family reunion that weekend so I knew my long run was in jeopardy...and I was babysitting for friends Wednesday night, so I was going to have to get that run in on Thursday as soon as the kids went to Daycare.  That meant Langdon.

Unfortunately - it was about to be the hottest day of the week (actually the hottest of the year) and I wasn't ready to go until nearly 10am!

Bleah.  We ALL know how I feel about the heat.  I only like it in my coffee.  Not on my skin.

But I promised myself I would try to be more dedicated with this running thing so I wouldn't break myself on another half marathon.  So, time to make my fat cells cry. I loaded up my hydration pack with as much water as it could hold and headed out for 10kms.

HOT!!!!  One kilometre in and I already looked like this.  Check that glisten!

Making up a 10k run in Langdon was going to be interesting.  It isn't that big of a place, but it is starting to be spread out enough that I can do it without resorting to the country roads (something I don't like doing if I don't have someone at home with a car to rescue me if needed.)  So, my loose plan was to run around the edge of town, out to Boulder Creek and around there then home.  My math-impaired brain told me that should be around 10k.

Now this is the views are, well, Langdon.  Not too exciting but I'll try.

Enthralled yet?  Ok - well, I did see this garage with a thousand solar panels on it.

Around here, I texted hubby to tell him that if I wasn't home when he got there, to come scoop up the puddle on Railway Ave because that would be me.

Oh - what's that?  Shade?

Nope - that's false hope.

Soon I was on the stretch of highway to take me out to Boulder Creek.  Luckily the Red Wing Blackbirds have migrated by now so this was safe to run.

As I entered Boulder Creek a lady on a bike shouted out "Good for you - getting in a run in this heat!"  Though, by then, I was feeling pretty idiotic.

I really wanted to run through the golf course sprinklers...and jump in the lake...

or, you know...

My hydration pack was getting pretty light on my back...I knew I only had 2k to go, but I was scared shitless that I was about to run out of water.

I hit the highway to begin the return trip to the town.   An asshole in a cube van tried to run me off the road...really nice, dude...

Then, I ducked behind the grocery store to take the back way home...

My pack started making dry sucking noises...the earth looked like my throat felt.

But the paved path was RIGHT THERE!  1k to go.  Lets finish this shit.

Miserable me...I was wandering in the desert. Aren't I pretty in the heat?  Gag.

The homestretch...

My hands were puffing up.

The neighbours pitbull, tried to encourage me to run by rushing me (she's friendly - just a little excitable) but I was too close to home to run at this point....

Hooray - finished...

Fuck me...never again.  Though you know I'll probably have to do it again at some point.

Abner was very happy about my run.  The sweat was pouring off of me for a good 10 mins after I came inside.

and boy was I happy to stretch in front of my giant fan!

You shoulda seen how the salt hardened my sweat soaked hair into a modern art piece!  Alas - no pics available...

Another long run done!  I may not be doing so great on weekday consistency, but I am killing these long runs as I prepare for Harvest Half.

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