Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where's My Runventure?

This week has been a bad one for breathing.  The smoke has been freaking insane up here in Alberta from those wildfires in Washington.   I questioned after Friday left me wheezing whether running on Saturday would be such a great plan.  But then I woke up on Saturday to seeing specks of actual sky and clouds...I couldn't taste the smoke in the air anymore.

Things were looking up.  The Air Quality Statement was still up on the Weather Network

But I decided to try it anyway.   14.5K is tough to do in Langdon and even tougher to do on a treadmill.  My plan was to run around Glenmore Reservoir since thats normally what I do at this point in my training plan...and I hadn't run there in two years.  I missed it.

So I got myself ready and scribbled a note to hubby so they'd know where to look for my body...

and to the city I went.

It was a gorgeous morning.  The sky was blue instead of grey, though the smoke still hung low over the water.  I had come prepared with my inhaler and took a couple of precautionary puffs before I headed out.

I had a couple of goals heading out.  1) To run more than I walked...maintain a steady pace even if it was slower than a slug.  2) To finish the 14.5k in 2:30.  

The lower path looked irresistable to I headed that way.  I love to run close to the water whenever I can.  There were a few walkers on the path but ridiculously few runners.  I think the smoke potential had alot of people delaying their long runs.

I made a quick pitstop at the sailing club and made a new friend who was eating a pinecone that was bigger than he was.

and then I carried on my way.   Honestly - things were pretty uneventful but I was doing well.  I was running far more than walking and, while I was slower than shit, I was still moving forward. It was starting warm up out there so I was happy to enter the shade at the entrance to Weaselhead.

Oh - new signs to read!  I am so excited about the Greenway.

More sun dappled path.

Yep - the bomb warning signs are still there. Cracks me up everytime.

Now someone is just taunting me.

Down the big hill.

And into the flats.  All was calm round these parts.

Obligatory 1/3 done selfie

I heard the clatter of a woodpecker and there he was...he refused to pose for me.

And so I carried on.  The path was so quiet that I really found myself wishing I had music.  I don't usually wish for my earbuds but things would have been much more exciting with dancing.  

The path was strewn with fallen leaves.  Signs that fall is almost here.

At the blue bridge a canoeist (canoer?) sailed by across the glass like water.  I think she was having more fun than me.   I wasn't having a bad run.  I was just really bored.   This is the kind of run you need a friend on...

I promised myself I could walk up the 37th street hill.

Then it was on to the Canoe club for another pitstop.  Things I saw along the way.

I didn't try to jump aboard the S.S. Moyie.  Signs it was a good run.

After a quick pitstop at the club - I padded on.  My ass was starting to feel like lead dragging me down.  Like I was trying with all my effort to keep going but couldn't gain momentum.  I decided to cut down a back alley once I was back in residential to cut off a bit of distance.

Yep - that was my biggest adventure of the whole run.

and then it hit me.  My ass was dragging because I was not nutritioning properly.   Stupid me.  I was supposed to take a gel an hour earlier....mmmm cawfeee.  This one is much better than the old espresso one was.

Dum dee dum.  My energy picked up a bit after this and I ran past the hospital and down into Eagle Ridge.

hmm...that wasn't there last time I ran.  Guess two years is plenty of time to build a mansion.

As I passed Heritage park, I hit the 14.5k mark.  Somehow my 14.5k route was now a kilometre longer than I remembered.  This run was about to come in closer to 16k...

But I did the whole loop in 2:33 so well within my goal of 14.5k in 2:30.  Something to be proud of, even if it wasn't the most exhilarating run.  And I ran far more than I walked which is progress.

I ended up with 6 little blisters on my feet, though.  I'll spare you the pictures.  They didn't hurt.  I won't be whining.  Ha.

Another long run in the books.  But I need more adventure.  #alltherunventuresplease

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let's Sketch it - September 2015 Prompts

Voila - September will be here in just a few short days!  So, here is the printable prompt list for the #letssketchit challenge in September.  Hope you'll join us over on instagram

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cori's Coffee Rant

Anyone who follows me on Instagram, knows I have a little thing for coffee memes.   So this week, I am linking up with Train With Bain and her wonderful bloggy tribute to the amazing elixir that keeps me functioning day after day in this crazy life!

Welcome to anyone who has found their way here from Tina's coffee post!   Love that girl! She supports my coffee habit.  Whether it be after a run....

...or visiting me at home while I'm injured...

Since I was 16 and The Black Rose Bistro opened in Lacombe (it's not there anymore - don't bother looking...but it was awesome), I have been in love with coffee.  I remember walking downtown on my spares with Neeners to drink coffee and act older than we were.   It started my huge fascination with the cafe culture of the 90s that persists to this day.  If it's shaped like a cappucino cup - I need it.   I can't even resist.   It's like my love of the colour turquoise.  It just automatically makes it into my cart...

I have Coffee tchotchkes.  Coffee art.  Coffee socks.  Coffee notebooks.  Coffee scented ink.  A Coffee plant.  Coffee bookmarks.  You get the idea!

When I am out an about - I take pictures of coffee things.

Friends send me coffee things to decorate my my little charm on my ClassicJot

In short...

My latte love started when I was 18 on my first solo vacation to visit my best friend in Vancouver.  She was working at the Coffee Cafe in Tsawwassen and presented me with an Almond Latte.  Oh. My. Gawd.  My world was forever changed.  While I had liked coffee before because of how it made my 16 year old self so much more worldly and sophisticated...I was completely converted.  Coffee became my life.

Why I don't own my own coffee house yet is beyond me...perhaps I should turn my little Jot into a bricks and mortar paper and pen Coffee House...hmmmm.

Before I left my full time job, I had a coworker ask me if he should host an intervention for me before my last day.  He said he was afraid that without work to interrupt me, I might turn into a quivering, caffeine soaked mess.  Haha.  6 months later - it has yet to happen.  Glad I declined the intervention.

Ok - so I love get the idea.  Rather than have you all sit around listening to me rant and rave about my love of the are some of my favourite coffee memes for you!  If you want more - follow me on Instagram and you'll get to enjoy my coffee rants regularly on your feed!

And for all of you coffee lovers out there...I am hosting a little giveaway.  Okay - a BIG giveaway!

The star of the show is going to be a CoffeeJot Travellers Notebook from my shop in the ClassicJot size with a latte coloured tassel charm.  This print is something that I never have and never will be offering in my shop in this size (ok - never say never but it's pretty unlikely).  Inside will be a handmade blank notebook and a coffee-themed dashboard.

I've also scoured through my studio to see what coffee things I can part with and have come up with tons of other goodies to throw in...

...including 3 TomBow markers (two brown coffeeish shades and a colourless blender), a Pilot Petit fountain pen, two coffee themed notebooks, a framed coffee print, a notepad and some treats not pictured.  Also - a couple of coffeeshop themed washi tape rolls and whatever else I happen to throw in before the giveaway closes in 2 weeks time! I seem to like to do that.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!  I do have some mandatory requirements, but there is a chance to gain bonus entries too.  For example - if you place an order in my shop and say "I'm entering the coffee giveaway" in the comments - you get 5 bonus entries!  Just like that!   Purchase not necessary to enter the giveaway - it just gets you extra entries.

Giveaway closes September 6, 2015 at 11:59pm.  I'll announce the winner before September 8.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am also going to offer you all a discount code to my shop here.  Enter COFFEETIME at checkout to save 25% until September 15, 2015.  No minimum purchase required.

and now, it's time for you to carry on and visit the next blogger in the link up...head on over to Jindy's blog and see the 5 Starbucks Customers Who Give Her Faith in Humanity!