Monday, April 27, 2015

Meet My Little Free Library!

I'm done with apologizing for not posting more.  Let's just say I went on sabbatical for a while to live in the real world.   From now on - I'm not going to focus on how little or how much I post. Or whether I am appealing to one group or another...this blog is me and I just want to write be prepared for a bunch of random crap to come down the chute :P

Ok - now for the real reason for the post.  This weekend - our family's little free library went up!  I have been collaborating with Calgary Reads to bring a Little Free Library to Langdon.  They set me up with a reasonably priced carpenter who built the book house for me and were happy to provide answers to any questions I might have...but ultimately - this library is from my family to the families of Langdon.  I had really hoped to be the first in town, but someone else beat me to the punch so this is Langdon's SECOND LFL.  And the first one on the west side of town.

Here it is.  I decorated it myself (the munchkins may have helped with a couple of the drawings)
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If you ever find yourself in Langdon, I hope you'll drop by Bishop Crescent and check it out! And maybe make sure you have a couple of books to donate in your car. You just never know what might be in there for you to discover!

And, if you are on FB - the Little Free Libraries of Langdon has it's own page.  Please like it ;)

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  1. your own little free library is EXCITING news indeed!!! yay!!! I cant wait to come and bring some books and take some books. write and write some more its all good!!


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