Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five

1) I quit my job this week!
We decided that it is time to not deal with dayhome crap anymore and that I can stay home.  I'm terrified and excited.  I'll still need to find something part time to do for work but, given my background, that should be possible to find something to do from home.  I'm sad in some ways to be leaving my current job, where I have been for 3 years, but in other ways I am really excited to take on being home with my kids when they are capable little beings (as opposed to the twinese speaking completely dependent beings they were last time).  So - starting in March - this adventure begins!

2) Why must kids be sick constantly?
I think we have had some sort of illness running rampant through our house since before Christmas.  Just when I think we get everyone healthy - the next thing hits.  It's quite frankly exhausting.  Which probably means it's about to hit me again.

3) I RAN!
Yes, I did.  Last Sunday.  It was slow (3.5k in half an hour) and icy (oh so icy!) but I made myself get out there and do it and I am happy I did.  It was pain free for both my ankle and my shin. Now I am working on scheduling in some time to gain some momentum again.

4) Coffee is my best friend.
Oh, wait.  You already knew that.

5) Could I possibly be any happier that it's Friday?
No - I think not.

Have a happy weekend, everyone.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Three Things Thursday - changes

Happy 2015 to you all!


Okay okay!  I KNOW!  It has been a month since I posted anything.  A month filled with sickness and busy-ness the likes of which have never been seen around out house.  So frustrating but hopefully also nearing an end.

So let's start 2015 over!  I know it's not possible, but January has pretty much been a write off and I'd REALLY like a do-over.

I ended up spending the past couple of days out with a migraine (thank you stupid Chinook), but I am feeling much better now so figured it might be time to post a quick update.

1) I have not been running.  At all.  Still.   BUT I DO have a reason for it.  After my last run - the one where I fell on the ice - I ended up with a sprain in the capsule joint in my left ankle.  Dr Dale couldn't adjust it at all and he put me on rest for two weeks until it healed.  Then came the new year and I ended up with a chest cold kicking off right as I was ready to workout and run again.  So running has been a backburner activity so far this year, but I am looking to start fresh in February and get the ball rolling again.  Wish me luck.

2) After all of our dayhome woes last year...they announced on Monday that they are moving back to BC and we will soon be without a dayhome again.  This one hits us particularly hard since all of the dayhomes I have spoken to in Langdon only operate silly hours like 7-5 and those do not work for us at all as a one-car commute family.   This one isn't solved yet, but hubby and I are looking at creative options so am hoping to have a plan in place soon.

3)  Not really related to any of these, but I have also decided to start a side business.   As you all know, I'm a pretty crafty lady and I have perhaps an unhealthy obsession with stationery products and fancy pens and so forth.  Too funny, really, since I work firmly in the digital world professionally.  Must be a balance thing.   Anyhoo - I decided to start Jot.  The idea is to carry creative products for people who love to jot.   My plan is to photograph and list product this weekend.  THEN you will start to understand exactly what I am doing ;)

So - hopefully this explains why I have been a little absent lately.  I am hoping to be back running and reading and writing again very soon.  And my next update should be a doozy.  Just a little teaser for when that happens.