Monday, December 8, 2014

MOMday: A week of Elf on the Shelf ideas 2014

Yep - Libby is back and is up to her usual mischievous tricks again.   So here is a peek at what she did this past week.  Perhaps it will help you come up with ideas for our own elf in the coming weeks.

She came back to us in a hot air balloon made from a balloon, pipe cleaners and a plastic drinking glass.

The next day, she tried her hand at some slinky bungee jumping from the second floor.

Apparently the toy dogs around here haven't been getting walked Libby decided to be helpful

What good is a tree without a treehouse...

Selfie Time! She stole hubby's instax camera to take a cute selfie!

Then there was her slightly different take on singing in the rain.

Nothing quite like Smores and a cozy campfire...

She must have made the trip back from the north pole in a flying gift...good thing it was easy to break out because I couldn't help but notice the lack of air holes...

If you want to follow along with Libby's adventures day by day - check out my Instagram.

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