Monday, November 17, 2014

MOMday: The Portable Time Killer Purse Pouch

We've all been there.  We're at the restaurant.  We have the kids there.  Those colouring/activity books and 3 crayons the waitress tossed at them just isn't cutting it while they wait for their meals to arrive.  You're just starting to wonder why you thought a restaurant would save your sanity.

Suddenly that meal out is more like hell than family fun times.

I have a little trick up my sleeve for restaurants that I have used for a while, but only recently streamlined it so it would fit neatly into my purse.

Enter: The Portable Time Killer

I'm sure most moms out there carry some variation on this, though usually it involves a second bag like mine used to.  It also isn't very friendly for spontaneous outings unless it is left in the car.  This, on the other hand, just stays in your purse and you have it at all times.  Super handy.

I had this relatively small pencil case that is all kinds of fun, but I was scared to use it for my fountain pens in case I ruined it.  Silly, right.  But - it totally works for this.

Inside, I stowed a really small amount of things.  

Two small notebooks (I made these ones myself out of cardstock and writing paper, but they are the same size as most pocket notebooks), Two 4-colour pens and a package of animal shaped page flags (I got these at Daiso, but I have seen similar ones elsewhere and there are tons on ebay)

Suddenly - my kids had a stage and actors for a puppet show.   Characters to play with their drawings.  A whole new way to express their creativity - neatly and quietly - while we waited for our meal.

Needless to say - this little kit saved the day.  And it takes up next to no space in my purse nor does it add to the strain on my shoulders. I can carry it with me at all times and not even notice it until I need it.

And it makes my kids look like the best behaved, most creative midgets in the place.  What more could a momma really ask for?

How do you keep your kids occupied when they have to wait for something?  Share in the comments :)

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  1. This is genius! I think this would be great for A! I'll have to look for those animals stickers.

    1. watch your mailbox - I'll send you some :) I have some perfect ones for an almost 3 year old!


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