Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Reads: State of Change by Christopher Bulis (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)

In the fifth Missing Adventures book, the Doctor and Peri find themselves in Ancient Egypt in 41 BC watching Cleopatra sailing up the Nile to meet Mark Antony.  A presense is watching the TARDIS and as soon as it dematerializes, it pounces.  When the ship lands, they find themselves in Ancient Rome in the tomb of Cleopatra...but something is amis.  The paintings on the walls show technologies that are still over a thousand years away from being invented...and they soon find the Roman empire readying themselves for a war with weapons of the future capable of destroying the entire world.  The Doctor and Peri enlist Ptolemy Caesar to avoid utter devastation and to discover the secret of how these people have come to know so much about the future.

This is perhaps my least favourite of the series so far.   I found it a long, hard slog to get through and I almost gave up on it twice...out of boredom.   I give this one a fail...don't bother unless you are super deperate for something to fill a Doctor Who void..and even then - maybe your time owuld be better spent writing your own fan fiction about the Doctor instead.

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