Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Rare Update on a Sunday

I've been suffering a bit of writers block lately.  Which is hilarious, because one of my main focuses has been trying to get my shit together so I can actual have dedicated writing time each day.   The getting my shit together part has been rather difficult, though, because I didn't expect a silly little thing like Kindergarten to throw me for such a loop.

Yep - my babies have started Kindergarten.  No, I didn't cry.  Yes, they love it.   What I didn't expect was that Kindergarten would become a second full time job for me.   Labelling clothing, having a freak snowstorm and having to suddenly label more clothing that shouldn't have had to be labelled for another 2 months, coming up with healthy, fresh snacks to send each day, trying to get the twins SEPARATELY through two identical homework assignments.   It's never ending.   And I really don't want to mess up that particular job - the one of making sure my kids get a great start in school.  It just hasn't left a terrible amount of time for me to get anything on my plate done.

As for my other full time job - the one that actually pays me - I've been flying solo for three weeks and been rather busy.

I've been using this weekend as time to actually pull all of my shit together and plan out the week ahead.  With any luck, by Monday, I'll have a clean house, prepped clothing and meals and a plan to forge ahead with.

But right this moment...I have time for an update.

Here's the one you are all most anxiously awaiting.


Ha!  Ok - I didn't know what I was facing when I started things up again on September first.  I've been pain free for several weeks now and I had to hope it would be all good to go.

Sept 1 was a holiday monday so I met a coworker in Chestermere to kick off my return to running and my coaching her into running.  Our plan was to start Couch to 5k and do the first 5 weeks to get us both to the point where we could just build onwards with 10 and 1s.

It didn't hurt to run.  I wasn't breaking landspeed records, but it didn't hurt.  I had a couple of twinges towards the end and a whole lot of aching after, but it was all good.  I was running again.

We ran again on the 3rd at lunch and, again, no pain during.  Just aching after.

On the Friday, I talked to Dr Dale and he told me the aching as normal.  My bones need to adapt back to the pounding so I will feel it for a while.

So I am proceeding with caution.   I have completed the first 2 weeks of the program and am looking forward to the next 3.

I am also looking forward to the reappearance of the Little Bloggy Bluebirds at Banff Ekiden Relay next month.  I'll be doing the shortest leg but I am so excited to be going back to this super fun event!

Now on to the next thing...

How's that Weight Watchers thing going?

Really, REALLY well.

Seriously.  It didn't take me long to realize after I signed up that if I tried to follow their points program, it would be like Sudoku for dieters. And me and Sudoku aren't actually friends.   So I chose to follow the simply filling plan.   I could eat anything off of the list and had a slush fund of "points" for indulgences.

The first week, I lost 5.6lbs.   The second week I had a few too many birthday celebrations for hubby and only lost 1.7lbs.   This past week, I was super good and am now down another 2.6 lbs for a grand total of.....9.9lbs!!!  Hooray!   Just call me the Incredible Shrinking Cori!

The biggest thing, though, is the inches.  I didn't take before photos.   But I did try on all of my work dress pants because I haven't been able to do them up in months.  I have been wearing stretchy skirts all summer because they were easier with my cast and quite a bit more forgiving.  I kind of wish I'd taken pics of the pants not coming close to buttoning.  Because this week, I pulled on a pair on a lark...and they buttoned up easily.  (In the nick of time too - since we had that freak snowstorm for 3 days this week!)

So I think this is going to work for me.   And an unexpected side benefit is that my kids are asking for salads when I have one.   Anything that gets more veggies into them is a-ok by my books.

So - things are going pretty well.   I'm on track and am feeling good.  I'm just a little (lot) busy.


  1. Awesome awesome awesome! So many great things happening, I can't wait to be part of your triumphant return to the race world! #bluebirdbitchesrock

  2. You have a lot on your plate but things are coming together with school, fitness and diet. Congrats Cori, it sounds like you've got it together already! :)


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