Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FREEDOM!!!!! (a fracture update)

Notice anything different?

I'll give you a hint...what is not a BIG GIANT AIR CAST BOOT ON MY FOOT!!!!!


Yep - as of 8 am this morning, I am free!

Ok - now let's rewind this a couple of weeks...since I haven't had time to post a fracture update in a while!

On July 29, I had an appointment with Dr. Dale.  He did his usual graston torturing and then he handed me an x-ray requisition.

I immediately headed next door to get that done.

and they gave me a disk with the images on it to obsess over until my next appointment.

I scoured those images and on the front view of the bone - couldn't see anything.  On the side view - it took me a while to see the tiny line...but it looked just like what Dr. dale had described - a thin line of healed bone.

Not sure if you can see it in this pic, but I circled it...

I wouldn't have the xray report until after I got back from Vancouver, but I had my orders...

  • Be a very good girl with the boot
  • The boot stays on as much as possible during my time away.  
  • I did not need to wear it while we drove since I wouldn't be weight bearing
  • Wear it for the first wedding and for the week in Vancouver. 
  • As long as it is feeling okay - I can take it off for the wedding I was bridesmaid in
  • BUT - if it is feeling tender after the ceremony and photos are over - the boot goes back on.
I stuck to those rules as much as possible.

I felt like I should have recorded my fracture tale to play over and over again at that first wedding.

I hobbled through crafting and wedding errands.

The only times I didn't wear it were for the things in the park and for the big flower arranging day.  I didn't want to risk having pine needles and thorns trapped in the boot lining.  I also skipped the boot around pedicure time.

And, as a reward - I got to wear both of my shiny gold shoes on wedding day...and, wonder of all wonders, I completely failed to get a photo of the momentous occasion!  I did, however, end up with a twig jamming itself through my peeptoe shoes - an impalement that would not have happened had I been wearing the cast! Doh!

By mid-reception - I was feeling tired and my shin was tender - so I popped the cast back on.   Lemme tellya - if you want to play a fun trick, have a room of now-drunk people who didn't know about the cast previously.  The reactions are priceless.

In the end, the addition of the cast didn't take away from the fun.  And I danced just as hard as I would have without it.

and then I came back to home and reality...

I had an appointment with Dr. Dale this morning.   The idea was that we could review my xray report and talk transition plan to get me out of the boot.

And, for the first time, The light at the end of the tunnel blinded me.

YES - It is nearly healed!

YES - I no longer have to wear the boot unless it is feeling really tender.  he wants me out of it as much as possible now.

YES - I don't appear to have any bone loss from my time in the boot!

YES - I can start running again.  September 1!!!!  Just 5 mins to start and then gradually build back up.   I will meet with him again after the first couple of runs to see how it is going.

Happiest news ever.


  1. Wow...such great news after a fabulous trip!! Congratulations :)

  2. You know, I just missed you coming out. I was heading in there about 8:45. Had we but known...

    Iam so happy you are cleared to run. Once I am back from vacation we will have a run date!

  3. Great news! What a relief that you are FINALLY mended. I hop you enjoy your first run immensely & hope it feels good. Some celebration is definitely in order!

  4. Hurrah!! This is fantastic Cori! Back in action :)


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