Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stop, you damn wagon...

I have been a sloth for too long.  I'm amazed my weight hasn't packed itself on, but my clothes are tighter so I know I'm losing muscle and having it replaced.  I'm desperate to move.  To find some way to exercise through this stupid STUPID fracture.  Yet, everything I do hurts.


Four freaking months in.   Probably 5 months since it actually happened.  How much longer could this fucking thing keep me down?

Today was a prime example.  I have had this thought that maybe I could get my training brain back on in a different gear.  Maybe I could go back to cycling like I was when I was first diagnosed.  Maybe I could at least train at a slow speed to do a bike race.  My brain was lit up with the possibilities.  It wouldn't be running, but it would be something.  Something to help me as a stress release and let me claw my way back onto the wagon.

I headed down to the gym at work with a friend.  I set myself up with a short show on netflix and reined myself in...I was going to do this slow and not push myself.  It was rehab - not cardio.

Yeah - it didn't last long.   My left ankle is stiff...and my shin just couldn't handle the pedalling.  I kept going for 15 minutes...just 3 miles...and had to call it quits.   My shin killed.  and my hopes at a cycling revolution were dashed...for now.

I am having a bit of luck with some kettlebell swinging.  It doesn't hurt (well, aside from the DOMS) and at least I am doing something.

I wish that wagon would slow down.  At least dangle a carrot in front of me so I can keep moving.  Unfortunately, the carrots all seem pretty rotten right now.  And I am so sad to not be moving.  I really hope the wagon doesn't get too far ahead of me because I am not relishing the idea of starting over if I ever heal.

Does anyone know of a way I can move that will leave my lower body out of the equation?  Please do share.  I'm so tired of being stationary.


  1. I'm so sorry the cycling didn't work out. I wish I had some suggestions for you. Sending you some healing vibes! Amy

  2. Into the swimming pool with you! Water running is boring as hell, but it gets you moving and zero impact. Unless you're killing the flip turns and powering off the wall. Unfortunately, even though there is a pool not far from your work, I've no idea how it will fit in with your day home and work commute.

    I feel your pain. Even though I don't think anything is actually broken, I'm so sick and tired of this cranky leg I'm taking it to see Dr. Dale next week.

  3. Water running! When I broke my ankle I spent many months running in the pool. I was able to do intervals to make it entertaining and took a few lessons where they gave me a circuit to work through. Tether yourself to the wall to make it more challenging.

    I also taped my ankle before getting on the pool to keep it in a locked position where it was relatively pain free.


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