Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Oy, There's the Rub by Susan (Guest Blogger)

While I'm away this week, I have asked some of my closest bloggy friends to write some guest posts.  This helps me do a couple of things - fill some space on my blog AND introduce you all to some of my favourite people in this world.  

Today, my special guest blogger is Susan.  It's hard to believe that I have only known Sue in real life for less than a year (we met for the first time at Calgary Marathon just last year!) Her awesome smile, amazing accent and wry wit won me over immediately and I am proud to count her among my runner girls! Be sure to check out her blog!  Following an interesting result of her and her husband's last half marathon, she was inspired to impart some wisdom she gained in the aftermath of supporting someone through the runner's scourge - chafe!

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Oy, There's the Rub - Supporting Your Chafed Runner

When I ran my first Half in 2012 I was not enlightened to the horrors of chafing, I did not own a Garmin, have a clue about mins per km or know anything about my shoes (I bought them because they were purple and on sale).

Witness my running attire, specifically how short my shorts are:

I was lucky that day as it was practically chilly with no sun to speak of. On any other May day I was a prime candidate for thigh chubrub. Sometimes we are smiled upon by the weather gods and we must be grateful. Had that occurred I suspect I would have been less eager to tackle Half #2.

Here is my solution to the athletic thigh dilemma (PS fuck you Lululemon):

Shorts with long tight fitting inner layer topped with loose material so as not to expose any outlines to the masses. I have never looked back from my narrow fortuitous miss.

My worst chafing episode came last year in Kauai when I chose to run in Nike sports bra with hydration pack. It was so hot and humid there simply wasn't another option.  The result?  After an intense rainstorm at 6 miles the skin rubbed right off my lower back. I stopped at an aid tent where I was thoroughly Vaselined, but every rain shower and cube of ice I put down my bra burned like the very fires of hell thereafter.

Let's take a moment here to look at popular chafing solutions:

Only last weekend I became aware of that dreadful scourge of all runners. Here we have recreated the scene:

(click to enlarge)

So here's the thing: Vaseline washes off your nipples in the rain. Yep. Who knew.

I found some more sturdy alternatives for your consideration:


Running is hard enough without adding discomfort, irritation and bleeding to your sensitive regions.

I would like to leave you with some thoughts on supporting the traumatized runner:

  • No laughing. Not even a little bit.
  • No matter how bad you feel after the race, know this is worse.
  • When your runner enters the shower post-race do not accuse your runner of screaming like a little girl even if that is precisely what they are doing.
  • It may help your runner if you do not refer to them as a big frilly knickers girly man.
  • Ice cream makes everything all better.  If the problem is particularly bad you may try applying directly to the afflicted region.

How do you deal with chafe? What products do you prefer?  What's your favourite one liner for ribbing a chafed loved one?  Share in the comments.


  1. I may be unable to go to wrok toddy as I am laughing so freaking hard. Not sure where I laughed more....'fuck you lulu' or 'no laughing. ot a little bit' Which made me howl by the time i got to 'scream like a girl' and 'big frilly knickers'. Yes. chafe is NOT a funny matter. titter. But somehow men do get it "worse" than we ever could....kind of like colds and flu :-)


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