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Guest Blogger: Finding Fabulous by Tina

While I'm away this week, I have asked some of my closest bloggy friends to write some guest posts.  This helps me do a couple of things - fill some space on my blog AND introduce you all to some of my favourite people in this world.  

Today, my special guest blogger is Tina.  We met briefly at K-100 in 2012 after having been social media buddies for a while.  But it was our runches that helped us build a solid friendship outside of bloggy world.  She's had an interesting life and is one of the most fabulous people I know.  Be sure to check out her blog for more fabulous adventures.  Here's her story abut how running healed her.

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Finding Fabulous

If I think back. WAY back. Like 25 years to when I ran cross country in junior high -- I recall feeling pretty free and fabulous on those autumn runs. I only ran to get my cardio up for the upcoming figure skating season. Funny those old memories ... 

Fast forward to turning 40. And being sedentary. For quite a while. The year before I joined a soccer team and was getting my ass handed to me on the field. I needed to get in shape. So I started running. Everyone on my team seemed to be doing it, so why not try. Oh. Muuuuuuh Gawwwwwd. I recall my first 5km race ... I think after finishing I may have said: "I need a nap!".  It took a long while for me not to be exhausted. Then again, I was a fair weather runner. 

Frankly, I got tired of  needing a lie down after a race. So I actually began training regularly. 

Five years later I am a different woman. Yes, running has changed me. I lost 40 pounds. I went from barely being able to run 5km to running a few (at last count 28!) half marathons and a couple marathons. And, in a week or so...another marathon! EEK! 

But it has changed me in more ways than just making my butt smaller. I have grown stronger. I have learned the lesson of perseverance. I have felt defeated and then the smallest word of encouragement has come from a fellow runner which prompts you to dig deep and realize I really can keep going. I have gained strength from the celebrations of others. I have benefited directly from laughs on training runs and realized I have some pretty awesome friends waiting for me at a finish line or cheering me on the trails, pathways, or on race day. In spirit or in person. I have found strength in myself and a belief in ME. That I have, I can, I will. And it puts a HUGE smile on my face. 

I have come to realize that as HARD as running can still be, I gain strength every time I get out there. Nothing fills my heart with joy and pride and 'hot damn I just did THAT' every time I cross a finish line. No matter the distance! 

This past year has not been easy for me - I have had a lot of health, job and life stress issues. Running and all the wonderful things that have come WITH the 'running part' has saved me. I don't mean to be overly dramatic. But it is true. Running has giving me perspective. It has made me claw my way out of depression. It has given me confidence and I have learned that positivity is where it's at. Yes, I am not as fast as I want to be.

While I am training to get stronger and faster, I have discovered that, more importantly, running  helps me find the good, the positive in life. I am trying to use every run as a building block. No more self defeating talk. Life is about celebrating. Find a way to find your happy. Choose to see the light. I am working on eliminating the "BUT" in my vocabulary and that negative self talk that takes away from personal victories. And that will give me a lot more FUN in life. And, ultimately, MAKE me more fabulous too! 

How do you find your fabulous? 

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  1. I love Tina and she is going to rock this marathon and be fabulous as always!


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