Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Working Out While Injured

When I was diagnosed with my stress fracture, almost 5 weeks ago, I knew that I was going to need to find a way to keep my workouts going.  Sitting still isn't an option for me.  My mental health depends on it and it would be a quick dive back into depression if I backed off even a bit.

But this injury definitely limited what I could actually do.

The doctor I had talked to told me I could continue to work out as long as:

a) I didn't run
b) if it hurt at all to do a certain movement or activity - I was to stop immediately.

So...what HAVE I been doing?

Mostly stationary bike.  The doctor had recommended that I find a recumbent bike but I don't have access to one at home or at the gym and I wasn't going to buy one special for the duration of this healing process.  I have access to plenty of upright bikes and those don't hurt.

I have biked A LOT.

Most days - this has been blissfully pain free. There have been a few days where it hasn't hurt a stitch to bike, but my ankle has swollen right up afterwards or I have spent the rest of the day hobbling around.

My lovely puffy ankle
I have no way of foretelling when it will happen and I just have to hope that I am not hurting my recovery when it does.  I really REALLY want to get this thing healed up so I can move on and re-learn to run again.  I have become a pro at finding ways to elevate my leg and ice it at work.

I did try the elliptical one day - pain free - it was great to feel almost like I was running again.  But that thing ALWAYS makes my feet go to sleep so it didn't last for more than a kilometre and then a bike freed up at the gym.

I have been incorporating some bursts of upper body strength and a bit of core into my weeks.    Not as much as I had hoped.  Likely not enough to make any great difference.

In the end - sticking with the general rule of "if it hurts, stop doing it", I have managed to stay active through this stress fracture.   With any luck - I will soon be healed and we can start laughing at my misadventures as a new runner again.  I never blogged that first time I was learning to run four years ago - I am sure this will prove to be quite amusing as I figure it all out again and try to stay unbroken this time!


  1. You'll be back soon and stronger than ever. I believe every active thing you do counts especially core & strength. In fact, those may be the best things to do to prevent injury. Plus avoiding long races in the -20's :D

    1. Definitely avoiding anything in the -20s going forward :)

  2. oooh! slowly but surely! yes!! everything counts. now i need to do some core will be at it again before you know it and all the non running batshitcrzies will be a distant memory

  3. Love the new blog design!!

    Cori, all the best for continued and speedy healing. You will be back out there in no time, stronger than ever!

    1. Thanks - I felt it was time for a little fun around here :)

  4. Cori, I'm glad to hear you are able to get in the cross training. Your comment really resonates with me as my mental health depends on being active too. Great job on so many things as I have told you personally... Great job on the blog redesign. It's fun and funky and reflects YOU! :)


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