Thursday, April 24, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1) Well - if you don't usually click over to the blog from your feed reader - you totally should.  I broke out my mad skillz in graphic design and whipped up a geeky fun new look for this place.  It was becoming absolutely necessary to sweep out the cobwebs that have been gathering in these parts and I am loving what I came up with.

And if you aren't a Doctor Who fan...what's wrong with you?  You need to hop on that bandwagon asap.

Speaking of geeky fun times - guess who's going to Calgary Comic Book Expo this weekend?

Yep - this girl <points thumbs at self>  I was late to the party, but I still managed to scoop up two tickets to Saturday at the last minute.  Now Hubby and I can totally go hang out with our species all day.  (That species would be Homo Sapien NERDUS, in case you were having trouble there)...and yeah - DATE DAY!!!!!

Plus - it'll give me a place to wear my fun new tee.
There is bound to be some full frontal nerdity that ensues...


2) My hair has reached new heights of awkward tragic.  It's okay.  I expect some sort of in-between-awfulness.  It's why I've been avoiding any sort of selfie lately.

Eep - I know.  Don't show your kids.  They may have nightmares.

But one month from today hopefully the awkwardness can end...I am hoping to have enough hair for my wonderful hairdresser to work with to get me on the road to this again:


3) The final countdown to my trip is officially underway.  One month from tonight, we will be on a plane and headed to sunnier places for the Twinners 5th birthday and my cousin's wedding.  So excited.   It has been a long time coming, since we booked this one last spring.

I may or may not have already started packing.

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  1. Mad skillz indeed, looks great! So does the hair. At least you have some to play with. And packing for a warm place where you are not racing ought to be easy. Everything ought to fit into a carry on bag, with room to spare. Have fun at the Expo this weekend!


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