Monday, April 7, 2014

Bad News Bear vs. Little Miss Sunshine

I seriously don't want to be that blogger who only logs in to moan and I am going to find a way to turn my recent string of nasty luck into something positive.

Stress Fracture

Bad News Bear: Ok - so I have a stupid tibial stress fracture (which 2 weeks of rest into it is FINALLY starting to feel slightly better, yay!)  I am going just slightly insane not being able to run and still fear I will end up 250lbs by the start of may (no I won't).  Seeing everyone elses running posts have been making me pine.


Little Miss Sunshine: Just think of all of the Doctor Who episodes I am getting to watch.  Oh and my knitting is coming along spectacularly. I should be ready for Christmas by May.  Oh - and more people than ever just want to have coffee with me.  I did go on the elliptical pain-free for 1.5k today.  I also had a breakthrough on the pain front this weekend.  I had been in so much pain that I almost took myself to urgent care.  Then, Friday night, I was playing peek-a-boo with Buggie and accidentally ran 5 steps to hide before she got into the hallway.  EXCRUCIATING!  Then my leg got really cold, and then more pain.   All weekend I've been relatively pain free.  Not sure if it will last, but right now I am pretty happy and comfortable.

Stalled Weight Loss

Bad News Bear:  I am feeling like a whale with all of this inactivity - especially after the biking left me hobbling last week.

Little Miss Sunshine: I joined a DietBet and then contracted Gastroenteritis from my lovely children.  Now I'm halfway to my DietBet goal with 3 weeks still to go.  Yay me!  and all the excess fat I have on me - well that will just help me float better on vacation.

Childcare Situation

Bad News Bear: Child Services told my dayhome that they had to reduce the number of kids effective immediately.  They decided to do "last in, first out" We're last in so, yeah. That's a thing.   But then, a couple of days later, after they had a chance to do some reworking to buy some notice for those ousted, they decided they needed to just be under school age only.

Little Miss Sunshine: I still have childcare until the end of August - maybe a dayhome will open in Langdon with hours for real parents.  Of course, that brings us to the next thing...

Dog Attacks

Bad News Bear: Hubby is at a conference in Atlanta for a week.  First day, I take the kids to the dayhome alone and am attacked by two of their dogs.  I HATE german shepherds!  Absolutely do not trust them, but these are usually tethered and contained and I was reassured that they have no interaction with the children ever.  They pulled the tether cable this morning somehow.  I'm physically fine, but now I have a tooth hole in my favourite summer jacket and severely rattled nerves.

Little Miss Sunshine: I get a new summer jacket.  Oh and I get to ramp up that search for a new dayhome.  On the flip side - this attack finally rattled the dayhome into action and they are repairing their dog run that was damaged this winter.

Online Shopping

Bad News Bear:  I've had a real bad streak of Online Shopping lately - items arriving damaged or not as described.  So many returns and refunds.  Then this...My clip for my Fitbit started to crack so I decided to order a replacement clip.  It arrived in record time.  I opened the box to find...a modem.

A really lovely modem for a lower end one...but not really capable of holding my FitBit on my waistband. FitBit was as baffled as I was.

Little Miss Sunshine: My reshipped clip will get here this week.  I just have to laugh when I think how the guy who ordered the modem must have felt when he opened his box.

Cancelled Marathon

Bad News Bear:  If I am cleared to run after May 3, I will not be able to do my marathon or even scale back to the half with only 6 weeks to relearn to run and train.

Little Miss Sunshine:  Just think how lovely my toenails will be.  Also - I will have loads of time to train really properly for RNR Vancouver this fall.  Maybe even finally find that elusive 2:15 if I can do it right...


  1. I loved this post. It was great to be able to catch up on what's been going on with you. I'm still not 100% sure if I'll be going to Vancouver, but if I do, my goal time will be under 2:15 too!

  2. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry but I'm glad to know how it's going & my fingers & toes are crossed for you!

  3. What an amazing blog post! I love how you make it so clear that there's always a bright side, and that we can choose to see it.


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