Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday - Healing Edition

I've spent a week wallowing.  Yep - a full week.  Ever since I went in for the freaking X-ray.  Not working out.  Not watching what I eat.  Just wallowing (and watching A LOT of Doctor Who and Knitting in the evenings).  And I've come to three conclusions.

1) I am essentially back in January of 2010.  Why do I say that?  Well - I wasn't a runner then.  I was starting out at 208 lbs (NO - I am not back there, thank goodness) and so I was a girl with a calorie budget and stationary bike.  I can't find my food and fitness journal from those first 7 weeks before I started running, but I do know one the time I started running at the end of February that year, I was down 25 lbs.  How is that for perspective?

2) With that in mind - I feel more confident than ever that I can make some major headway on my goals by the time I am cleared for running again (hopefully in early may).  It doesn't hurt at all to bike so that is where I will focus my frustrations.  I actually hopped on the bike today at lunch for the first time since my stress fracture diagnosis.  Felt good to sweat.  Probably means I won't kill people today.

3) and, I said I wasn't going to, but I decided to do it anyway.  I joined another DietBet.  Nikki & Solana are hosting one in the month of April.  $25 bet gets you in.  If you'd like to join us - you can sign up here

I decided to join for one reason - misery loves company.  Nah - but seriously.  I just need somewhere to be accountable to.  And I actually want to lose the bet.  But not in the way you all are thinking.  I want to lose enough weight in that month to make DietBet question if it was even possible.  THAT would be worth $25 to me.

I plan to start April on the right foot and do what I did when I started this journey.  Eat less, bike everyday and bring myself back stronger than ever when the time comes to return to running.  I've been watching a lot of British TV since we cancelled satellite so I keep hearing the following saying in my head with a British accent:  "Keep it simple, stupid".   Except I am hearing them as "Keep it stupid simple"  Eat less.  Bike everyday.  I can do that.

Now lets get me healed.

(BTW - I forgot to tell y'all that the doctor I saw for my treatment plan pretty much told me I am a real runner now.  Humph.  How 'bout that.  Crossing the finish line of 50+ races, including 13 half marathons and 2 full marathons didn't do it. It took a stress fracture to make me a "real" runner.  Good grief.  Can I have my regular doctor back now?)


  1. Nothing wrong with taking some time to wallow. You're back now and you can get through this!

  2. Oddly enough, for me biking hurts, and running doesn't. That hurt my doctor's brain. Good.

  3. #bitchesbebikin you will kill the bike. then become a duathalon star! the sub doc sounds lame. :-) xxoo


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