Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Reads: Doctor Who Who-ology - The Official Micellany by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

And on to something a little geekier.

Yeah, yeah , all of my non-Fangirl/Fanboy reader, my incessant nattering about the Doctor is probably driving you all bonkers.  Sorry - you're just gonna need to deal with that since it isn't about to stop :P

Since I started with the newest incarnation of the series (the one that fired the franchise up again in 2005), I am about 50 years behind on the whole thing.

Enter WHO-OLOGY - the official Micellany to all of the minutiae of the world of Doctor Who.

This little gem of a book was great for someone like me - who has only just started dabbling in this wonderful world.  The pages are filled with a plethora of fun facts and stats about the series.  I loved getting to know each of the past doctors - both in the role and in their actual lives.  I loved reading the back stories behind important episodes and learning how the monsters were created.  Heck - I even liked seeing the charts that showed which companions had logged the most episodes.

The book is written in easy to digest chunks - it kind of has the feel of a Bathroom Reader in that sense (though is too nice of a book to possibly leave in the loo).  You can pick it up and read a little or a lot and not need to worry about leaving off in the middle of something.

I read it cover to cover, but it would be just as enjoyable to read if you just picked a page and opened it up.  It does jump around a fair bit so there is no chronology to it.  Just something to fill those hours where you can't actually plunk yourself in front of Netflix to watch an episode.

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  1. When well done these annotation books are great. When not it can be very depressing. I never got into Dr Who in any organized way, but for a while I had the complete set of DVD's in the house. In a region format our player wouldn't read. Sigh.


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