Tuesday, March 11, 2014

74 Days to Go!

So, yeah - there is no rhyme or reason to my update post timing.  I'm just going to write them whenever I feel like it and leave it at that. (also noted - this is the first post for March...hmmm)

74 days.  and where am I at?  A better question might be "How many unbreakable rules have I broken?"

Yeah.  that :(

Ok - let's rewind.   When I last checked in - I was down 5lbs.   I am still down 3lbs from my start weight and the 2lbs I gained back is likely hormonal and could vanish any day now.  Yay me!  Things could definitely be much worse

But my workouts have been really bad.   so very very bad.   Trying to heal shin splints while trying to keep going just doesn't work that well.  In fact - it plain sucks.

I did have a light at the end of the tunnel, though.  I have been resting A LOT and rehabbing A LOT.  I went to see my chiropractor last Wednesday and he figured it out pretty fast.  My pelvis was out of alignment.  Like and inch and a half out, he said.   He adjusted me and things felt instantly so much better.  Still super tender, but no more shooting pains.  I had been worried that it was a stress fracture.  I'm not anymore.  The doc said that it would have been like I had been running on a flat tire for the past few weeks.  Stupid biomechanics.  

It's my own fault, really.  I stopped seeing my chiro over the winter and I probably shouldn't have.  We talked it over and he is going to help me come up with a plan for regular treatment to keep me on my feet through marathon training.

I HAVE been working out.

I have been putting in a whole lot of bike time.

I revamped my home gym, but have hardly had a chance to use it since my girls haven't been giving me much free time after they go to bed.   See how pretty it is?  No more hot air blowing on me when I run...

I think we may have reached a few new world records for "number of times a mom is called back upstairs after bedtime".   No strength training.  No core.  Some stretching.  I've been short on my fitbit steps too, but that is more a reality of bike vs. run or walk.  There just aren't as many steps involved, even though the effort may be significantly higher. I did run one pain free 5k on Saturday.  I ran another 5k today but it wasn't pain free.  Neither of these were fast runs.

My eating has been screwy.  A few too many days where I forgot my lunch at home.   This one instance where the peanut butter I keep in my cupboard at work (for my oatmeal) may have been eaten with a spoon after a particularly sweaty bike session.  A few afternoon candy binges.  It really is quite amazing I didn't gain it all back.

Doesn't this just sound ever so bleak?

So - back to my unbreakables.

I still truly believe that my Unbreakable Rules are the way to go for me.  Even if everything I wrote above seems to contradict that.

I only have 74 days.   Wanna know what that works out to?  10.5 weeks.

That still feels like a lot of time to make a pretty big dent in my goals.   I know that the 10.5 weeks is just the beginning.  I know I can get there.  I just need to be stronger and buckle down.  Anyone can do anything for a short period of time and 10.5 weeks is really just a short period of time.  

So today - I am back on it.  The wagon, that is.  I'm still feeling optimistic.  I will keep striving toward my unbreakables and see where it can take me.  


  1. Great news is your chiro has a plan to keep your shins happy during the marathon training. That's really good!! I'm sure you've thought about it already but I imagine your shoes aren't nearing retirement, are they?

    Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. Hang in there and don't fret not being perfect on your unbreakable rules. The beauty of a new day is it is always an opportunity for a fresh start. You've got this Cori...I know you want it and that you can do it!

    1. Nope - all of my shoes are brand new. I'm blaming heel striking on the treadmill more than anything else...

  2. I love your floor matting. Would it be considered stalking if I rearranged mine to match yours, and posted a pic?

    1. Isn't stalking the most sincerest form of flattery?? Hmm...that doesn't sound quite right ;)

  3. Sod it, you're still in a great place right now, just keep moving ahead. Also, this is why I put a spoonful of peanut butter in a little bag to take to work every day. I may have licked said bag...


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