Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Basement Long Run

Yesterday, my twitter feed had filled up with runners complaining about how slick running was in the city.  This just added to my resolve to avoid the dip in the thermometer and just stay inside for my long run this week.   I only had 10k to do and that would just give me some extra time with the Doctor and Rose so I leapt at the chance to stay warm and get it done.

I thought I might try taping my tender shin to see if it might help.  I have no clue what I'm doing but figured if I could just support the area - it might help.

Off I went - started an episode and settled into a groove. I felt pretty good.

Unfortunately - the stupid KT Tape doesn't seem to like me very much and within a few minutes, I was doing this to get it off me entirely (there is no sensation I like less than the feel of a bandage rolling off...)

I slowed the pace A LOT and decided I would just aim for a steady state run - no walk breaks, just keep going and maintain 8min/km for the whole thing.

It was working grandly.  After the first episode of Doctor Who, I popped upstairs to check on my kids - who were watching a movie and gobbling down copious amounts of popcorn. I refilled my bottle and ate some honey toast to fuel up for the last half of my run.

I was at 5k after that first episode.  One more episode should time it perfectly.

I found this second half a bit more challenging.   I just couldn't cool off, despite having 2 fans blowing on me.  This isn't the first time I've encountered this phenomenon.  I happen to have this stupid thing right above my 'mill.

Sure, it heats the house just fine in the winter - but it also overheats me when I run during the day.    I decided to just power through and get it done.  By the end I was getting pretty uncomfortable and the second I hit 10k, I slowed to a walk to cool down and started daydreaming of a home gym revamp.

10k complete.  Only one episode left on Season 2.

All cooled off and happy to be done. (Judge me not by the state of my basement...we're revamping the storage room)

Yeah - a home gym revamp is definitely in order.  Hubby did this last one and it just isn't working out for me now that I am actually using my treadmill more often.  I don't think we will need to move much to make it work better.  Just rotate the treadmill 90 degrees and about 10 feet north of where it is.  That will take me out of the line of fire of the heat vent and would also provide me with 8 feet of clearance BEHIND the mill in case one day it flings me off. I don't have that luxury right now with the weight bench right behind the mill.

Moving it will also give me a change to spruce up my inspiration wall a bit.

Ok - the wheels are turning.  I have a feeling I know how I'll be spending nap time today.


  1. Much simpler to put a baffle over the heat vent, rather than move the 'mill. Linda was out doing some errands and said the roads were brutal. A very smart idea to run indoors.

  2. The tape sure looked fancy but sounds pretty annoying. One of my running buddies who uses it a lot said some brands are better than others at staying on.

    There was a vent above my treadmill, before we had to redo the basement to make room for the office. I was able to shut mine though?

    Your girls still nap?? I sure hope Audrey continues to nap for awhile!

  3. Interesting tape dilemma. Hope it feels better soon. Best to stay off the roads today and avoid the fans leaving the bars that opened at 5 a.m. ;)

  4. Girl - I'm so proud of you for sticking with it!!!! I can barely run 3 miles (4.8K) on the treadmill without dying. I also get VERY overheated very fast. Ugh. Maybe I just need to find a good show to keep me entertained :)

  5. Ha ha, I had the same heat vent problem in our last house! My treadmill is still being held hostage in the garage since we moved so I don’t know how the new basement will be. Hopefully good! I need to get some love for my treadmill going again...

  6. Did you change up the room? do tell!! Funny about the sticking issue. KT doesn't like to stick to my skin. I wonder why....


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