Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sick Day Burn

Day two at home with the hacking hooligans.  Thank goodness they like to nap long when they are sick.  As soon as I was sure they were asleep - I headed to the basement.

Besides - I had new shoes to break in...and 5k on the marathon schedule...

These are NOT as pink as they look.  Violet - I swear. 
And the Doctor had been missing me.

Of course, I had serious technical difficulties.  My tablet decided it needed to auto update and that always screws with the wifi.  But once I put an end to that nonsense - we were good to go.   I just ended up walking a fair bit at the start to troubleshoot and the running was really slow.  I've had some shin pain since Hypo Half on Saturday (likely from not stretching after) and it took some time to warm up so it went away.

So, while the workout itself took longer than planned to get this distance in, but I got er done. and my brain was much happier when it was done.

Then, Buggie woke up and we did a little kettleworx while we waited for Doodle to wake up.

I am officially worked out for the day.  Time to rest and recover.  Momma's gotta snuggle her sick girlies (and hope they don't pass this stupid plague along to me).


  1. Poor girls but it must have been nice to get your workout done during the day. Hope they don't pass it on to you- plague sharing is not cool!

    1. So far I've been lucky this winter. fingers crossed they keep it to themselves.

  2. Momma's gonna get the plague. I'd bet on that. Children are the most efficient plague carriers ever invented. Sorry to be a downer. Let me know when you're well again, and we'll run.

    1. Hush - you. I have been ridiculously healthy this winter and I don't intend for that to change. Will feed hand santizer to us all for dinner to kill the germies if I have to.


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