Saturday, February 22, 2014

Four Years of Run!

Today marks 4 years since I started this running journey.  FOUR YEARS!!!!

Happy Runnerversary to me!

Everyday, I can still hardly believe I started, let alone that I kept going.
  • Over 500 runs logged on pavement, trail, track and treadmill; rain, shine, snow, ice, hill, mud, dirt, mountain, hypothermia, country, city
  • 58 races run
  • 2 Full marathons (and now training for a third)
  • 13 half marathons
  • 2 relays
  • 1 Goofy
  • Over $13000 raised for the fight against blood cancer
  • Too many 5, 10 & 15k races to count
  • So many runner girls running by my side - thank you all for your support!  I am proud to be friends with such incredible women - both near and far!
  • 3500 kms
  • 16 pairs of running shoes
  • Races run in 12 different cities/towns in 2 provinces and 2 states (doesn't seem like much for how much I feel like I've travelled)
  • Steps run in 3 different countries (Canada, US, Mexico)
  • Pounds and pounds of Gu ingested
  • Litres and litres of electrolyte mix drunken
  • Hours and hours spent at the chiropractor to keep me on my feet
  • Two drawers bursting at the seams with runwear
  • One treadmill purchased
  • Two garmins, one ipod, one fitbit
  • 32:04 to 27:35 in a 5k
  • 1:10:44 to 59:38 in a 10k
but most importantly
  • one healthy me who exercises consistently and loves almost every minute.  Yep - that's the most important thing of all.


  1. I loved reading this first thing in the morning-totally improved my mood. Congratulations!!!

  2. Holy cow! Yay! You go girl. Normally I'd bounce up and down a bit more, but my bouncer is broken, along with just about everything else at the moment.

  3. Congratulations on your RUNniversary Cori! Lovin' your list!

  4. Sometimes it's kind of amazing to see how far we've come. Wow, that's a lot of races. Glad I could share a couple of them with you. Happy Runnerversary to you!

  5. AWE - so exciting!!!! 1) Congrats on 4 years, 2) Congrats on HOW FAR you've come, and 3) holy LOT of races :) You are an inspiration!!!! Happy Runnerversary!

  6. its a damn good list! Been a nice almost 2 years since we met!! Happy Runnerversary to you WHOOOHOOOOOOO


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