Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday - Back on the Wagon Edition

Lookit me getting all posty-posty this week on the blog!   Almost makes me feel like I'm back on the wagon again.

1) I started the Advanced Kettleworx DVDs this week and MAAAAAAAAN am I feeling them.  I almost cry when I feel a sneeze coming on.  

S''s a good hurt.  The kinda hurt that gets me somewhere.  Very important to note - it is only 121 days until I hit the beach.   I have some work to do.


2) I am very excited that the stand mixer I am coveting is coming back on sale this week.   I am hoping it will help inspire me to prep meals ahead of time.  After all - once it's in my kitchen, I am going to want to use it.  A lot!

Soooo pretty.   One step closer to my aqua and red retro kitchen ;)


3) I am feeling good about the upcoming weekend.  I have 20k to run (very important since I had a stomach bug last weekend and ended up skipping my long run - AGAIN!), meals to prep, and a marathon training plan to map out.  Oh - and books to read.  Many many books to read.   Oh and some knitting.   The knitting part is important too - so many people having babies this year! And getting married.   So much to little time.

Ok - the weekend will be busy.


  1. Hi Cori, I have a long run on the cards this weekend too, finding my way back slowly and with much loud music. Haven't had a good run outside since pre-snow. Still looking forward to the Hypo though. No ice please. See you there? PS. That selfie is awesome ;)

  2. She’s baaaack! And getting started on her string of selfies...


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