Friday, January 3, 2014

My 2014

After completing my 36 resolutions list last year, I feel like I have done enough resolutions to last a lifetime, but I still have goals I'd like to see in 2014

Drink 2L of water every day - I have been so bad at this for the last year.  I used to drink a ton of water.  I need to get back to it.  I will aim for one bottle in the morning and one bottle in the afternoon.  It's easy to sip away at work.

Run marathon #3 - registered yesterday for Banff Marathon on June 22.  Now to work out my training plan.  THAT is my goal for this weekend.  As for a time goal?  I don't know.  I think if I train better - I can go sub-5hr.  Yes - that's slow, but it would still be a 45+ min PR for me...

Strength train 3x/week - Do-able.  I've almost been doing this one for the past 3 months.  Only downside is that I will be doing it at home instead of on my lunch hours as I move into Level 2 of Kettleworx

Watch all 7 seasons of Doctor, I mean work out enough on my treadie or bike so I can watch all 7 seasons.  Yeah.  That's what I meant.

and the ever-present...lose weight. - I want to look good and feel confident both on our trip and at the wedding I am in in August.  I can't let the marathon 15 pile on.

which brings us to - plan and prep my meals better.

I also have some non-fitness goals but I probably won't chronicle them here.

1) to work on my personal style (or lack of style) - that could be a blog all on it's own since there is a lot of work needed...

2) To save money.  I might actually talk about this one a bit on here since I found an easy saving plan on Pinterest that I am going to attempt.  Even if it means having my October trip to Vancouver paid for by the time it arrives - I'll be happy.

3) Read 50 books.  This could be tough...or not.   Just need to make it a priority.  Maybe if I go to bed earlier. Or forego Nano next November and make it a goal to read A LOT!

Edited to add:
4) Editing! I've been nattering about that one for months.  I can't believe I forgot to put it on the list!!!  Edit my book.  Edit my possessions. Edit edit edit!  2014 is mainly the year of the edit.


  1. "Saving money." "Bed earlier." Stop, you're killing me! You have twin girls! Otherwise those are great resolution thingies. Good luck with it all, and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    1. Meh - I've never really let twin girls stop me before ;)

  2. That marathon looks beautiful. National Park vs cityscape. Possible bear detours. Perfect. I hadn't realized Dr Who was on Netflix, DVD sets are unmentionably expensive. Off we go!

    1. Yeah - there are 7 seasons on netflix so yay for practically free awesomeness!

      I'm excited about Banff. I have a really good feeling about it. Much better feeling than I do about hypo half! :S

  3. Good goals!! Look at you and marathon #3!! You can do it!

    Read 50 books? I couldn't even read 15 in 2013! When do you find the time, along with your crafting, working out, racing, taking care of twins, your long commute, etc? You don't sleep, do you?

  4. Great goals Cori and just like everything else I'm sure you'll be successful in all of them. Are you talking about that $ per week to equal the number of weeks in the year? I saw it and thought it looks cool.

    1. Yeah - that's the one. I am doing it a bit differently, though. On the first, I am going to deposit the whole month's money so it actually gets remembered :) Plus - more money collects more interest faster. 2% for the win!

  5. Awesome goal-setting Cori! Trip to Vancouver in October sounds particularly exciting!!!

    I need to work on the water-drinking for sure. Reading 50 books sounds like a good one, I never thought of that :)


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