Monday, January 20, 2014

MOMday: Ready for School

This past week brought Kindergarten registration to our world. The twins are beyond ready for school.  It is all they think about.  All they care about. Everything they do is to get them closer tot he day they can put on backpacks with school books and enter the hallowed halls of their school in Langdon.   It probably helps that we drive past it everyday on the way to their new dayhome.  Buggie will brightly announce "Look, momma!  There's my school!  It's dark right now but soon people will be there to learn stuff!"

Yes, Buggie.  There's your school.

As life would have it - I had written to the school months before to make sure I had all of the forms and dates I needed.  Then, early January brought some insanity to my work and Kindergarten registration almost completely slipped my mind.  Until the day it opened!  And I was at work.  Well - not for long.  A nasty storm forced me to hit the highway early and when I was waiting for my work laptop to boot up at home - I suddenly remembered that the week was upon us.  I called the school to see how long of a process it would be and then rushed to fill out the forms and get over there.

No way was I going to be the momma who forgot to register her kids for Kindergarten!

What I didn't expect, though, was how I would feel as I walked through the main doors of the school.


You see - I've never really been one for "mommy moments".  When I dropped my kids off at their first dayhome on my first day back to work after spending nearly 2 years at home with them - I wasn't a sobby mess.  I had a few moments when Doodle had separation anxiety a couple of weeks in...but nothing super bad.  My kids are my business and in many ways, I run life as a mom as a business.  I need to do certain things to make sure other certain things fall into place.   If I spend too much time overthinking it - motherhood would become an unbearable burden.  I would start to drown in all of the things I wasn't doing.  So I don't do that.  I get it done and we move forward as a family.

But Kindergarten registration.  That hit me hard.   I was unprepared - not only in letting it sneak up on me, but also in how I would feel about it.

I had a mommy moment.  One where I nearly cried in the main office.  Being surrounded by little kids who didn't look much bigger than Buggie and Doodle made me realize - my doppelganger babies are growing up.   As much as I have prepared myself for it, I guess I wasn't prepared so well after all.

But, despite my moment - I got it done.  My moment passed as quickly as it came on and the twinners are now just one of at least three sets of twins starting in Kindergarten in Langdon this fall.  Yep - you read that right.  By noon on the first day of registration - 15 kids had registered...and 6 of them had a twin.  I have a feeling this will be an interesting social experiment.  Makes me wonder about the rate of twin registration and if it kept growing as the week went on.  (That number doesn't account for at least one set of twins we know about in town.)

Maybe Langdon will finally admit they maybe shouldn't have been fiddling with the water back in 2008...just saying.

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  1. Interesting that some kids are excited about going to school. I had to be dragged. There were a number of escape attempts. Then in grade 3 they figured out I hadn't seen anything written on the blackboard, or seen in a book because I needed really strong glasses. Then I discovered books, and it was marginally better. My experience says the single worst thing you can do to a kid is put them in school. I sincerely hope things turn out better for yours.


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