Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Reads: Capsule Wardrobe Essentials by Alexandra Jimenez

Full title:  Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: How to Pack Light with a 10 Piece Packing List

If you follow me on Pinterest, you have surely noticed that my life has started to revolve around planning my trip to the Dominican Republic this coming spring.  I have one mission and one mission only - to pack a family of 4 by carry-on only for a week-long vacation...and one with a wedding in the middle of it. and to look good doing it.

Enter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials.   I have been following the Travel Fashion Girl blog for a while and this book was mentioned more than a few times so I bit the bullet and downloaded it to my Kindle app.

Am I ever glad I did.  While I think Pinterest more than supplies the details for packing all of the stuff into a carry on - it isn't helping me plan wardrobes and this book did precisely that.  It talks about how to plan your clothing around a colour story so all of the pieces work together and gives valuable tips on packing for warm and cold climates.   It also discusses the pitfalls of travel clothing and how to make sure that your packed wardrobe is ready for anything.

It is a quick read and a valuable one - particularly since I have three girls to prepare for this trip and two of them are identical twins who need to have a quick identifier for the family who will be there (many have never met them or spent time with them).  I think , thanks to this book, I am now armed with the tools to make it happen.

Now if only I could find decent rolling backpacks for the girls....


  1. Sounds like a very clever idea! I would have a tough time packing for a week long trip in a carry on bag. Mind you, I really saw people pushing the envelope on what size a carry on should be on our trip to New York. Some of those bags were huge!

  2. Does the airline charge you for the bags you check in? Or howcome you want to travel by carrying on your bags? Just curious.

  3. There are no charges to our knowledge. Our main concern is a lengthly stop over in the middle of the flight and we will be travelling long and late hours with two small children. If we can do it all by carry-on - we won't have the worry of lost luggage AND we will be able to only have to wrangle 4 bags total (2 small wheels and 2 backpacks) instead of a potential 8 bags (carryon plus checked for 4 people) at 2am while carrying sleeping children through airports.

    That - and we are chronic overpackers for resort vacations - it will be a good test.

  4. You - several bikinis and wedding dress. 1 pair shorts, 1 T shirt.
    Him, wedding clothes, 1 swim suit, 1 pair shorts, 1 T shirt.
    Twins. Hmmm. I can't get my mind past duct tape.


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