Friday, May 31, 2013

A Work Friend Returns...

Three years ago, I signed up for Team in Training and, at first, only really knew a couple of people on the team.  That changed quickly as the weeks flew by and I came to consider some of the people to be my closest friends ever.  Funny how that works.   Katie, was on my team and while we didn't get to run together often, I still enjoyed running with her when I did.  

Fast forward a couple of years and we both end up working for the same company - different departments but same location.   But she was pregnant and I had yet to start my lunch time runs. She soon went on mat leave and had a beautiful baby girlie.  Then, comes the Corporate Challenge 10k and she decided to run it so we ran together and had a great time.

And I started to really look forward to when she'd be back at work again.

Guess what?  This is the week!  and I am so happy I got to run with her at lunch today!
I warned her the risk of running with me meant
there was a good chance of showing up on my blog
We ran the Southwood loop - 4k continuous at a nice and easy pace - and just chatted away the miles.   We didn't get rained on, though the sky was sure threatening.   Instead, it was just muggy and humid.  I was boiling hot by the time we finished so was happy she suggested stretching outside after.

Looking so forward to more of these :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Misty Run with a Fellow Chick

All morning, I shook out my trusty rain jacket in the hopes that the rain would see it through the office window and ease up for my lunchtime run with Tina.  No such luck...when she got here, it was still raining - though not downpouring so I suppose the jacket did it's best...

Tina and I had a mission in addition to getting a run in...we had a couple of things we needed to do as part of our being Chick'd ambassadors...and who better to do them with but a fellow chick!   There was video are going to have to wait to see's for an upcoming campaign.

and it gave me a chance to wear my new Chick'd Reprieve Tank!
this picture shows the colour more accurately than the one below.

This tank is so soft.   49% Reprieve Polyester, 45% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex.  Wicks really well.  I'm wearing an XL in the pic because the size chart seemed a bit weird.  I probably could have gotten a L and been fine but the XL doesn't fit half bad so I kept it.  And of course, I wore my lovely Cadence Capris too.  These are my new favourite none.  I am saving up for more of them!

We ran 2k first to get to this pretty little park near my work that has paths and trees...the perfect set for our movie. I joked that our clips will look like they are filmed in Vancouver! We spent a few minutes filming and then went for some fun pics...Tina did a jumping one so I wanted to as took us a few tries but still - so fun.

And then we carried on for the rest of the was the first time I'd seen her since the big race day so we had tons to talk about and rehash.

Another 4 k done.  I am feeling much less stiff today after yesterdays run...and that's really saying something since I did a rather intense 10 Min Trainer workout last night too!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Before the rain...

I woke up still very stiff this morning.  Whether it was from the race, the post race trampoline bouncing or my first workout this round of 10 Min Trainer - I don't know.   But it was uncomfortable and miserable.  and I really wanted to run but didn't know if I would have a chance given my work today.

That...and the thought of running in this didn't really set my heart alight but it was more about shaking off the stiffness.

So, when the opportunity to go came up at 11:30 - I leapt immediately, changed and headed out the door.  The sun was still peeking through the clouds - maybe I could beat the downpour.

This butterfly was on the overpass above the train pretty.  I don't think I've ever seen one so big with markings like this before.  He was probably 4 inches across.  He was struggling though, so I don't know if he was stepped on or just hanging out.  He was gone on the return trip so I'd like to think he flew himself away.

edited to add: apparently it is a Glovers Silk Moth!
Very rare!  So cool!

I did a quick 4k - continuous around the Southwood loop.  The first k felt a little creaky on the uphill, but once I had warmed up - I was feeling pretty good.
It was so hot and humid out there.  Running in humidity is just not something us Calgary runners need to battle very often.  At the end of the run - I took advantage of my warm muscles to really give them a good stretch.  Hopefully I start to feel more human as the afternoon progresses.

I ran this all by feel since one of my next goals is to run a 10k continuously and that is how I plan to do it so I won't be all hung up on pace. Here's what Nike had to say about this run...

It started to pour approximately three minutes after I returned to my desk.  Must be my lucky day.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Helloooo, Whole30!

Well, here it is.  The day after my goal race and the day I officially start both Whole30 AND 10 Minute Trainer.

My big goal for the month is to start to heal what poor eating has done to my body AND mind. I have so many food issues, I could write a book on it.  I DID try writing a blog post on it, but it has become so long that I think I might need to break it apart over the month.  We'll see.  It was a bit emotional to write what I've written so far so I might not be ready to share it quite yet...

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Whole30 is an eating plan covered in the book "It Starts With Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (I will hopefully have time to get a review up this Friday).  The premise is that between poor foods and a bad relationship with food, it is a good idea to reset ourselves and start to heal our bodies and minds so we can move forward with healthier attitudes toward the foods we fuel ourselves with.  I admit I was skeptical when I first picked up the book - particularly since it is essentially Paleo and Paleo is not typically very veg-friendly.  I've had a few bloggy friends do the plan with fantastic results and I am really looking forward to seeing how my vegetarian version goes.  And the Whole30 people have fortunately included information for vegetarians that has made this much more helpful for my own needs (well - except the whole "how to reintroduce animal protein" which is something I don't intend to do).

In a nutshell, this is what my next month will look like from my kitchen...or, as they say, "The Rules"

  • Eat real food – meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds
  • Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Do not eat grains
  • Do not eat legumes
  • Do not eat dairy
  • Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites
  • Do not eat white potatoes
I've been relatively sugar free for almost 2 months so I don't expect to have issues there.  I rarely drink alcohol so, again, no issue there.   Grains and legumes will be tricky, but I think I can refrain for 30 days as long as I am creative with my meals.  Dairy...well - I am still allowed fermented dairy so that will help with the protein (though, do you realize how hard it was to find FULL FAT yogourt in our "fat free" society?)

My fridge is packed with veggies and eggs.  I am two meals in and still doing fine.  

and then there is the 10 Minute Trainer thing.   30 mins/day for a month.  Yeah - I can do that.  I really need to get some strength training in.  So, I will maintain my 3 runs a week and follow the calendar for the program as closely as I can.  Hubby will take my before photos tonight (I'll share all of the photos at the end) and I weighed in this morning for the last time until the end of the program.

Starting weight: 173.7
Staring body fat: 38.1% (according to my Fitbit scale)

I don't know how much weight I will lose (or if I will lose anything at all) but my plan is to have hopefully made strength training a habit and to heal a body that has been wrought with inflammatory foods for far to long.   

I haven't been able to find any other vegetarian bloggers who have done this so, if you know of any - please let me know. 

I'll try to check in weekly with an update on how it's going but I don't plan to bombard you all with every detail of every meal and workout. Wish me luck.  

Official Photos: 2013 Jugo Juice 10k

In case you missed it - I posted my race review from the 10K yesterday.  But now it is time to play the Official Race Photos Game...bad photos edition...

Let's start with the overly enthusiastic thumbs up at 7k...

Or how about the sleeping through the finish chute...

and gritting my teeth in the homestretch...

At least our post-finish ones weren't too terrible...

There are a couple of these that I may print to stick on my fridge as weight loss motivation...*shudder*.  bring on Whole30 and 10 Minute Trainer.  It all starts today....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Race Report: 2013 Calgary Marathon Jugo Juice 10K

Oh where to start, where to start.  Today was a whirlwind.  Let's start at the beginning...

I was up late last night prepping for a birthday party for my twin daughters.  Four is such a big age, you know.   I didn't actually end up getting to bed until almost midnight...only to be woken up by one of the girls having growing pains at 2.   Luckily, I was able to fall into a deep coma after that until my alarm went off at 4:15 and I had to get up.

I made myself breakfast and, since I have been reading It All Starts With Food, I didn't feel like my usual pre-race oatmeal so I made myself eggs and spinach and tomatoes.  It was very yummy but I wasn't sure what it would mean for my race.  My big goal race.

To be honest - I wasn't feeling it.   My quad had been tender for over a week and when I ran, it felt like pressure on my knee.  I didn't like it and I didn't know what I'd done.   I had been resting since Monday and hoped it would be enough healing time.  Before bed last night, I massaged it with magnesium gel to try to alleviate the pressure.  When I woke up it felt fine but my motivation was gone.  I was going to go to the race and do my best but I almost gave up on the thought of a the thought of going sub-60.  I didn't think I had it in me.

But I pulled on my magic pants anyway and prepared to go...

On my way out the door, I thought to quickly grab the race guide to confirm where parking was on the grounds...only to discover that you HAD to have prepurchased parking passes at the expo...and I hadn't.   I drove the long drive into the city in a fog...literally... (so pretty)

and figuratively, as I tried to figure out the parking thing.  I didn't think I had enough time to park and take the train but I wasn't sure enough of road closures to chance finding parking in the beltline.  When I got onto Macleod trail, I still didn't know...until I hit 39th ave and decided to park and train it the one station to the Stampede Grounds.  Luckily, I had enough cash for both ways.   I quickly shoved everything I thought I'd need, tossed my keys in the glove box and stowed my pack in the trunk.   I ran to the platform with just enough time to pull on my arm warmers and hop on the train.

It wasn't until I got off at Erlton that I realized the two things I'd forgotten.  1) my pre-race Larabar and 2) my sunglasses clip.

Enter overwhelming feeling of dread.   Maybe seeing my friends would make it better...

but not before a quick pic with the start line...

The Tweet Up

I had decided to come up with a central meeting place in case people wanted to hang out before the race started.  I'm so glad I did because I got a chance to see old friends, hang out with my real life twitter friends and meet new friends as a result.   I can see this becoming a tradition.

The first person to show up was my awesome friend, Kim!  She was my mentor my first season at TNT and I hadn't seen her in MONTHS!   Since before her baby was born.  So was over the moon excited to see her!

We made a quick pitstop at the portapotties before heading back...where I was frisked by Amy to make sure I was free of any illegal rocketboosters.  I also got to run in to my Runner Girl, JS, and wish her the best of luck in her BIG sub-2hr PB attempt (spoiler - she rocked it at 1:56)

btw - so many portas...and no lines!  WOOT!

We went back to the Big Four to see who else might show up.   Then, though I failed to get photos with everyone - I was happy to hang out with Michelle, Heather, Erika, and (meeting for the first time) Susan and her hubby, Kevin!
I was sad to have not managed a pic of Michelle in her crinkly foil blanket...

Time seemed to zip by and soon it was time for all of these half and full people to head to the start line. I followed them over to cheer them on their way.

The start line was so crowded that I had trouble spotting most people...I caught Susan

and JS and her hubby were in this one...but only I know it's of them because Kev was a pace bunny for 1:55...

and they were off.   Right at that moment, I ran into an old TNT team mate so visited with her for a moment and then headed off to hit the portas again before it was time to line up for the 7:30 start.  I still hadn't managed to run into Nicole so ended up killing time chatting with more of my TNT group.  Then, when we were almost at the start line, suddenly a woman flew in front of me and yelled "Cori!  Don't move!"

It was Nicole.

We started chatting like old friends almost immediately, despite never having actually met in person.  We lined up near the 1 hour pace bunny and figured we'd start together.

She didn't think she had sub-60 in her and I was still secretly harbouring insecurities about my own ability.  I was super relieved to have someone to start with.

Race Time

It was perfect race weather by the time the 10K started.   a few degrees warmer than the tweetup and clear and sunny (though without my sunglasses, I might have killed for some cloud cover.)

We started out at a fairly swift but comfortable pace.   I high fived Mayor Nenshi as I crossed the start line, figuring if anyone could bring me luck it might be him.  They changed the route slightly this year to have us head north out of the park instead of out through Ramsey.  This was such a welcome change to the route because it meant no uphill start and it also meant seeing the half and full marathoners at around the 5k mark on their journey.

The route soon turned onto 9th Avenue and into Inglewood.  Our pace was fast, but do-able and we chatted easily.  When Nicole's watch beeped for her first walk break, I made the decision to take it with her...likely sealing the fate that we would stick with each other the whole way.  A turn onto 12th Street and soon we were running across the old bridge behind the zoo.   And then my shoe came untied!

WHAT!?!?!  are you freaking kidding me?  My shoes NEVER come untied.  NEVER!

Nicole paused with me so I could quickly tie again and then we carried on. Onto St Georges Drive and across Memorial into Bridgeland.   There were pockets of spectators all along 1st avenue.  I nervously kept one eye on my watch to see where 5k would take us timewise...

It was going to be so close.  But our pacing was really consistent and as long as we kept doing what we were doing - we might squeak in sub-60...a big PB for both of us...tight, but doable.   We decided to give it our best and see what came.

I soon saw Angela from the Team in Training office so swooped over for a high five.

We took another walk break right before Edmonton Trail then it was south to Memorial.  I was so happy to see Memorial back on the route map...this was my favourite part when I first rant the 10k two years ago.   I started to retreat inside my head around 6k and the lower deck of Centre Street Bridge.  Having not brought fuel with me, I was expecting a giant wall to throw itself up in front of me and leave me walking the rest of the way...but my legs kept moving forward.   Nicole and I alternated running side by side and my pulling slightly ahead...but she was always in my peripheral...If I was doing this - I was taking her with me.

No matter what.

Coming through the East Village was just as spectacular as last year - though I didn't see the robot out there.   Spectators lined the streets and cheered and music blared.   As we left the area to head through the new underpass one last time, I wanted to make the downhill count so I powered ahead - losing Nicole briefly...but I petered out on the immediate uphill and her stronger uphill skills caught me easily. We were almost at 9k.

It was right then that I proposed an unscheduled last walk break.  We could walk then for a few seconds and then, as long as we kept the pace we had been consistently holding...we might just do it.

When we started running again - it was with renewed motivation.  My Garmin said 54 mins.  The pressure was on. This race was almost over and we were going to try our damndest to bring it in under an hour.  

And try we did.  Into Stampede Park.  We wove through the crowds like pros - picking people off as we went.   I was slightly ahead but knew she would be on my heels.   Into the entrance to the finish chute.   As we hit the bend before the homestretch, a timing mat was there and I robotically hit stop on my garmin and almost stopped running.   But I knew the finish line was still ahead...I started again and gave it all I had...

though my heart was being crushed by the announcer saying that the one hour mark had passed...but we did start a bit after...

I'm pretty sure Nicole and I crossed at the exact same moment...though not side by side.  She had a burst of speed behind me and I heard her yell "we did it!" Our chip times say the same time so let's go with that...

and my Garmin read... 59:39

We had done it.

I wasn't going to believe it until I saw chip time...we had cut it so close.  But I'm pretty confident in my garmin skills.

Turns out chip time was a second faster...59:38

Goal. Met.
My training so diligently for months paid off.  I can only imagine what this would have read if I had actually been feeling it today.  I am still super happy to have a shiny new PB!

and another medal for this medalwhore...ohhh, shiny.

Thank you Nicole for a great race!  I really enjoyed running with you :)

I couldn't hang around long because today is my daughters actual birthdays, but I had to see JS cross.   Nicole and I headed over to the bend in the finish chute to cheer our friends in.  

My heart dropped when I saw Kev bringing in the 1:55 halfers and not seeing JS's blue visor amongst them...

...luckily she wasn't far behind, though.  I cheered her around the corner and she was moving so fast that my attempt to get a picture only earned me a shot of the guy behind her.  But she crossed in 1:56, knocking 7 mins of her previous PB from last year.  So proud of her.

So that closes another Calgary Marathon for the year.  Everyone I know seems to have had awesome races...I can't wait to hear all about them.  I wasn't able to be as present for my Calgary pals thanks to the birthday duties, but everyone was in my thoughts all day!  Thank you to everyone who texted or tweeted me with congrats are all too sweet.

Next year...I'll be running the full to celebrate Calgary Marathon's 50th Anniversary.  It should be super exciting.  Can't wait!

and here is the lovely Garmin Geekery for my PB.

So can even see where I tied my shoe....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calgary Marathon Expo 2013

I dropped by the Big Four building tonight to fetch my race package and check out the Calgary Marathon Expo.  Since the two vendors I was most looking forward to had been dropped from the list, I didn't expect to actually spend much time there. The plan was to grab my package, pick up a pair of calf sleeves from the CEP people and get the heck out of dodge.

But we somehow ended up spending an hour there.  With hubby and two almost four year olds!  How did that happen?

With this being the 49th Calgary Marathon, you can already tell that they are ramping up for the 50th next year - there was an incredible feeling of nostalgia sprinkled throughout.   The moment you step through the door, you are greeted by a row of mannequins dressed in the race shirts of past years.

The package pickup is located in the first row.  You need to show up armed with your bib number this year so make sure you have it on you.  Like last year - the bib pick up was super efficient.   And to keep people from turning right around and leaving without visiting the rest of the expo, the t-shirt pickup is located AFTER the vendors.  There are more mannequins after the bibs with even more race shirts.  I forgot to snap a pic of those...I was too focused on what I saw next...

MEDALS!!!!  Old medals.  New medals.  Lots and lots of Calgary Marathon medals from days gone by.  Of them all, though, I was immediately drawn to the ones for 2013!!!  On Sunday, I will add that lovely purple one to my collection.

But there were tons from past years as cool to see how far they have come!

I bypassed the Running Room booth since I didn't really need anything there and I headed straight to the CEP booth.   Since winning my Dietbet - the promise I made myself was to use my winnings to buy a lovely pair of compression sleeves.  I got the CEP ones in Royal Blue...

I wanted to try on the Altras.  So bad.  But I didn't think the twinners patience would hold out for that so we kept moving.

Next stop was the Team Diabetes booth.   I had a lot of questions for them and wanted to grab some information.  Since my dad has been diagnosed with Type 2, I have been looking for a way to give back.   I like the idea of running my next full for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Especially since the local fundraising minimum is actually quite reasonable. I also scored a pair of shoelaces while I was there.  And she gave the girlies glow necklaces, which were a big hit.

Still not on the hunt for any merch, we glazed through most of the rest of it...until the HealthyU booth which drew us all in.  There were games for the kiddos and everyone got their choice of prize.

The girlies chose purple hacky sacks and the booth gave us some healthy living packages for the whole family with tips to keep us all on track.  At the Cerebral Palsy booth, they were handing out free pedometers for Steptember so I grabbed two of them for the girls (hubby and I already wear pedometers)...I look forward to seeing how many steps THEY take in a day!

The girlies decorated some leaves for the motivation tree (Buggie even wrote her name on the back of hers without any help!)

Loved this one!

If you go - take a moment to read the trees...there are some cute ones in there...lots of kids contributed to motivating the runners!

and then, almost an hour later, we were at the end and picking up my shirt...I love the design this year...

The face is just me trying to decide if I want to go down a size or not.  I ended up keeping the XL, though it is slightly big on me.  They changed brands on the shirts this year so they are not as snug (er skin tight) as the past couple of years.   I am wearing this over my blouse.  It will be probably about perfect for casual wear since that's how I tend to wear my race shirts.

Detail shots of this years design...

and then we waved goodbye to the runner guy and headed on our way back into the rain...

The whole race package:

My thoughts on the expo?  I didn't have high expectations.  I have come to be pretty disappointed in so many of the expos around here.  BUT...this year I thought it was pretty decent.  There was a great energy, the volunteers were bending over backwards to help and keep everything moving smoothly, the vendors were much more attentive than usual and there was a decent selection of products - even if there weren't the sales you find in the expos south of the border.  A full list of vendors can be found here.

So - when you are picking up your bib this weekend - take time to explore the vendors...I wish I had time to go back and spend even more time there.