Monday, December 23, 2013

MOMday: Yet Another Week of Elf Ideas

This week, I admit, I changed things up from my schedule just to free up time for more important things.  So while they are all easy - some were as easy as humanly possible.

December 16

The race is on.  The girls loved seeing the paper bag race in front of the tree.  It was actually pretty simple to set up.  Just some paper lunch bags, a bit of ribbon and a few toys (and two decorative snowmen to hold up the finish line)

December 17

My girls go in bursts and stops when it comes to playing with their Duplo.  I figured they wouldn't mind if Libby stole some to build her own lego dream house.

Of course, that day they wanted to play with it after they saw Libby in it.

December 18

The classic tea party.  I left hubby to set this one up while I ran and he did such a cute job.  I particularly love the puppy with his own teeny teacup.

December 19

This one looks more complicated than it was.  A few days earlier, I had pulled out a strand of twinkle lights with an absent-minded excuse to the twins that I wanted to put them up.  Then, that afternoon, I put them across the top of the window and plugged them in.

Then Libby decided to "adjust" them when she got back and look what a mess that made...

December 20

Here's one of those simple ones, but somehow every time the twins see Libby anywhere on the tree they get super excited.

December 21

We've had a ton of snow here this month (apparently it's broken some 112 year record or something like that).  Libby must've been getting jealous watching the girls play outside in it and decided to build a few marshmallow snowmen of her own.

I used toothpicks to hold the marshmallows together and drew the eyes and mouth on with marker.  The nose is a broken toothpick.  I realized after the fact that something looked off because I should have made toothpick arms.

Not that it mattered...the "smarshmallows" were apparently eaten by Libby around the time the girls went downstairs in the morning.  I was told this by a 4 year old with smarshmallow breath.

December 22

We'd had a few too many days of Libby within reach and too many close calls so this one was just a way to get her up off the counter...

December 23

Libby has been feeling a little stressed out this year - especially with two extremely "touchy" 4 year old in the she needed some yoga to help her unwind.

This one was pretty easy.  The girls have dollar store yoga mats, so I trimmed a 3 inch wide piece off the end of one of them.  I used some small pins to hold her in place and stuck them into foamcore that I put underneath the mat.   Best part is that now that I have cut the mat and the foamcore - I have them for future years of Libby yoga postures.

December 24

In the effort of going out with a bang, things got a little SUPER around here for Christmas eve.  Super ELF that is.

This one was pretty easy.  Just some clear jewelry thread and a bit of blue fabric to make the cape.  I think it would have been better with fishing line since the elastic stuff I used was a bit thick and more noticeable.  I tied the line in a loop from the dining room light and wiggled her around until she looked like she was flying.   The cape was just a longish rectangle of fabric with a U cut out of it to create ties.

So there is another week (plus a couple) of ideas you can feel free to steal ;)  and, as always - if you like them, please pin them (or repin them because I will have them pinned on my RWRM Elf on the Shelf board!)


  1. I love these ideas. I don't have kids and I want to have an Elf on the Shelf. :D

  2. I see these elves (or this elf) everywhere and it's so darn cute :D


    Thank me later.


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