Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Langdon Sidewalk Report

Tonight, I couldn't bear the thought of getting on the treadmill again.  It was too beautiful of a night to not go outside.  Only problem was my headlamp hasn't been charged in months.  That almost thwarted it, until I turned it on and discovered it was still pretty bright (Black Diamond FTW!)  So I wasted no time in getting outside.

Safety first - I coated myself in light and blinkies.

The blizzard a couple of weeks ago made me wonder exactly what kind of sidewalks I would be running along...imagine my surprise when I came on this sight at a house that normally never shovels.

Of course, these guys a little further along made up for it...

Seriously - do they not OWN a shovel?  They must have a blade on their truck since the driveway was done...

It took me a couple of kms to warm up, but then I realized something.  I didn't want to stop.  My initial plan was just to do a quick 2-3k loop on the sidewalks on the west side of town and then call it a night.   But I was feeling joy.  The pure happy kind that makes you want to run forever.  It was like a wee bit of my missing mojo made an appearance tonight.  Perhaps it was the fresh air. Perhaps it was the twinking holiday lights.  Who knows...but I wanted to keep going.

So I did.

I decided to loop Langdon Park before heading home - which would add an extra km to my route.

Amazingly, the whole loop there was plowed...

and then I ventured along the street to get to the crosswalk...yep - that side of town still doesn't have sidewalks.

It was only in the last half of a kilometre that I realized something.  Tonight is full moon

I had unwittingly headed out for a Full Moon Run.

I'm going to say that must be where the joy came from.

Four slow K done.  Still streaking.


  1. The joy came from your heart. It was a beautiful night for a run. Warm. Full moon. Plus the added bonus of pitter pattering over snow trails of varying stuffness, which makes it more like a snow trail run, for added points.

  2. Getting out there on a dark, cold night like you did makes you hardcore in my book!


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