Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And the Bad Run Blogger Award goes to.....

ME!   *insert wild applause here*

I kid.

I've just been feeling that way as I have been so busy finishing my novel and then Christmas crap ramped up and I vanished from the map.

Yet - I am still running.  In fact - I have run every day since THURSDAY!!!!!


I know!

Thursday, I got in a quickie 4k Runch with Tina 

Thanks, Tina for this pic I stole from your Instagram ;)

Friday - I hopped on the treadmill after my Kettleworx cardio workout and knocked off 2.5k as Run Streak practice

Saturday - I met up with Tina, Michelle and Saskia and we hammered out 8k before we met up with the rest of the Strides Streakers for the kickoff...and then I ran the 1 mile for the kickoff with my Runner Girl, JS! (who I haven't seen, let alone run with, in MONTHS!)

Mid-Run with Michelle, Tina & Saskia (thanks Michelle for the running pic)

The Strides Streakers

Sunday - After the twins were asleep, I got on my treadmill and had a dreadfully boring 2k

Monday - a horrible blizzard struck Alberta.  I went to work in the morning, got in my Core Kettleworx workout and ran out of time to hop on the 'mill in the office gym.  Then, my boss sent us all home early (the storm was REALLY bad).  Finally, I grudgingly hit the 'mill in my home gym expecting it to be as bad as Sunday...fired up Netflix and turned my planned 2k into 5k!  Slow but much more bearable!

Best of all - I weighed in for my Dietbet on Sunday at a whopping 188.9lbs!

Thank goodness I'm tall.

and then, because I have been running in the evenings instead of Pantry Grazing, I am down to 184.4 already!

So I guess I have myself a bit of a Dietbet strategy.  I can probably get there by just staying the heck out of my kitchen!  So that's the plan.  It's not news to me...I just needed this happy little loss to make me remember how important that one rule of dieting actually is.  and I am actually contemplating joining the 6 month Dietbet that starts in early January...

Besides, my Doodle drew this of me today...

It is me going to the beach...I look pretty skinny in that one so hopefully that's how it'll be at the end of May when I head to the beach.

Want to know the funniest part of this run streak thing is?  It's only day 3 and I am looking forward to another 5k on the treadmill tonight.  LOOKING FORWARD to it.  Weird, considering how *insert giant thumbs down with raspberry background noise here* my mojo has been recently.  Almost magical weird.  This may or may not have something to do with Gossip Girl.  I'm just gonna go with it.


  1. My boss, who lives in Langdon, never made it in at all on Monday. Or today either.

    Hope you enjoy the 5K. Use that mojo while you have it!

  2. Nice job on the running streak and pounds lost! Grazing after dinner and after a workout is my biggest issue


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