Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week Three

Phewf - survived another week...and I am going to admit right now that I was kind of on a minimal effort kick for craziness has taken over my life and I have too much magic to orchestrate to make this much more than it was.


I was home with a sick kiddo, but once she started feeling better in the afternoon, we walked to the post office and back to mail holiday parcels.  Turns out that was almost exactly a mile.  Not much over.

and the Slowest. Mile. Ever.


I couldn't bear the treadmill so took advantage of a beautiful night and went for a full moon run


Treadmill quickie


Rualked away an episode of Gossip close to finishing off the series.


Geared up for a busy weekend with another episode.


Only had time for half of the finale episode before my haircut.


Despite many technical difficulties with my tablet and Netflix - I finished off the series.  It was this slow because I had to keep slowing to a walk to troubleshoot.

Now I can spend the rest of the month immersing myself in some geekdom while I 'mill it.  Dr Who, here I long last.

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  1. Yes but that slowest mile ever? You were herding a 4 year old. You get extra points for that.


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