Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week One

One week down, three to go.  So far so good.

This week brought subarctic conditions to Calgary.  -30C was normal.  Windchills were -40.  It was miserable.  And I opted for my treadmill instead of risking life and limb outside.  You know it's bad when I'd rather be on my mill.


I almost gave up before I technically started to streak!  But I hit the treadmill for a peppy little 2k to kick things off right.  So boring.  I knew I was going to need to find something to distract me better.

And I decided to see if compression might help me bear this pounding on the it an experiment for the week (or month)


Thank goodness for Netflix - distraction found.  I fired up season 6 of Gossip Girl and 5k flew right by. Blizzard and super cold snap made the treadmill a necessity...

ahh - the be able to run in shorts and a sports bra while the rest of Alberta is in 1000 layers...

Though, I started to realize that day that I need to have hubby move his weight bench.  The new layout of the workout room leaves me in a prime position to be impaled by that olympic barbell.


Repeat of Monday.  Not fast, but considerably more enjoyable.


Only had time for a quick 2k...


Decided to give my body a rest and walked my 2k.


I made myself a deal - 5k on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I wouldn't need to get in a long run this weekend...Friday kicked it off pretty good.


But then Saturday hit.  I started off fine, but then a sharp pain in my hip drew me up short.  Pinched nerve.  Soon it became too painful to run and almost too painful to walk.  I ended up slowing my pace to below 12 min/km.  I couldn't get off the mill fast enough when 2k painful.


Today, I woke up without pain.  I decided I'd see if I could fit in the distance today.

Rainbow socks FTW! I needed some happy colour.

I had to run errands in the afternoon so ran a quick 2k at lunchtime and figured I'd try for another 6k in the evening.

Good thing I ran when I did, because we ended up having dinner at my MILs and didn't get home until after 9.  So much for that second run...

But at least I got in my mile for the day.  Streak mission accomplished, even if I didn't get in a decent long run distance - I still got in a higher mileage week than any I've run recently.  I call that a success.


  1. Yay! The socks are cheerful. I hate the 'mill but it's so nice to not have to think about what to wear, trying to balance temperature, wind, planned run effort and the thrill factor of an icy skid.

  2. I think you must have an internal radar for upcoming freezing/snow/cold, the last 2 races here have been challenging to say the least and you have cleverly avoided them. From now on I'm not registering until you do! :)


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