Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week Four

Even with the craziness of the holiday season upon us, I managed to do yet another week of this fact - I managed to get a marathon done over the course of the week, apparently.

WOWZA!  How does that even happen.  Thank goodness for my treadmill.  We used to hate each other, but this streak has helped us find common ground...

This was also the week I well and truly expanded my geekdom to include Doctor Who.  Oh what have I done.


Hit the mill after the girls were in bed.


As soon as I was done work for the day and before my parents arrived, I took advantage of a beautiful Christmas eve day and ran around town a bit.  I was very happy to discover the pathways have all been plowed...not just Langdon Park.   Got a chuckle when one couple I passed muttered "Somebody's ambitious!"

I may have retorted "Gotta burn it before I eat it"


Took the girls for an evening walk to work off some of the meal and tucker out a couple of excited munchkins.


Spent the day shopping and then spent the evening on the mill.  The internet kept cutting out so there was a lot of walking to troubleshoot it.


Felt crinked up from working at my kitchen table all day, but this run was a nice shakeout.

Besides - there was a flash freeze going on outside.  I had to do something to escape the wind.


Life happened and I had to cancel my planned long run with my runner peeps on Sunday.  Decided to try to get in some decent distance on the mill late Saturday instead.  As luck would have it - there was a two-parter up next on Doctor Who so I was good to go.  Ran the first episode, powerwalked the second.  Could barely move sunday.


Had another family holiday celebration today so took my food baby for a run.

Yep - ran a marathon this week ;)

It's so hard to believe there are only two days left in the streak.  I've been going strong since Nov 28!!! Over a month.  I don't know what I'll do with a rest day!!!


  1. WOW! A marathon in a week. I'm actually really impressed. I'd love to have a treadmill, or even a stationary bike, so available. Good job!

  2. Love your response to the 'ambitious' comment. You have your goals for fitness, and there's nobody else that will do them for you. The rest day, I was thinking, can kids be trained to do foot massage?


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