Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week Four

Even with the craziness of the holiday season upon us, I managed to do yet another week of this fact - I managed to get a marathon done over the course of the week, apparently.

WOWZA!  How does that even happen.  Thank goodness for my treadmill.  We used to hate each other, but this streak has helped us find common ground...

This was also the week I well and truly expanded my geekdom to include Doctor Who.  Oh what have I done.


Hit the mill after the girls were in bed.


As soon as I was done work for the day and before my parents arrived, I took advantage of a beautiful Christmas eve day and ran around town a bit.  I was very happy to discover the pathways have all been plowed...not just Langdon Park.   Got a chuckle when one couple I passed muttered "Somebody's ambitious!"

I may have retorted "Gotta burn it before I eat it"


Took the girls for an evening walk to work off some of the meal and tucker out a couple of excited munchkins.


Spent the day shopping and then spent the evening on the mill.  The internet kept cutting out so there was a lot of walking to troubleshoot it.


Felt crinked up from working at my kitchen table all day, but this run was a nice shakeout.

Besides - there was a flash freeze going on outside.  I had to do something to escape the wind.


Life happened and I had to cancel my planned long run with my runner peeps on Sunday.  Decided to try to get in some decent distance on the mill late Saturday instead.  As luck would have it - there was a two-parter up next on Doctor Who so I was good to go.  Ran the first episode, powerwalked the second.  Could barely move sunday.


Had another family holiday celebration today so took my food baby for a run.

Yep - ran a marathon this week ;)

It's so hard to believe there are only two days left in the streak.  I've been going strong since Nov 28!!! Over a month.  I don't know what I'll do with a rest day!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

MOMday: Yet Another Week of Elf Ideas

This week, I admit, I changed things up from my schedule just to free up time for more important things.  So while they are all easy - some were as easy as humanly possible.

December 16

The race is on.  The girls loved seeing the paper bag race in front of the tree.  It was actually pretty simple to set up.  Just some paper lunch bags, a bit of ribbon and a few toys (and two decorative snowmen to hold up the finish line)

December 17

My girls go in bursts and stops when it comes to playing with their Duplo.  I figured they wouldn't mind if Libby stole some to build her own lego dream house.

Of course, that day they wanted to play with it after they saw Libby in it.

December 18

The classic tea party.  I left hubby to set this one up while I ran and he did such a cute job.  I particularly love the puppy with his own teeny teacup.

December 19

This one looks more complicated than it was.  A few days earlier, I had pulled out a strand of twinkle lights with an absent-minded excuse to the twins that I wanted to put them up.  Then, that afternoon, I put them across the top of the window and plugged them in.

Then Libby decided to "adjust" them when she got back and look what a mess that made...

December 20

Here's one of those simple ones, but somehow every time the twins see Libby anywhere on the tree they get super excited.

December 21

We've had a ton of snow here this month (apparently it's broken some 112 year record or something like that).  Libby must've been getting jealous watching the girls play outside in it and decided to build a few marshmallow snowmen of her own.

I used toothpicks to hold the marshmallows together and drew the eyes and mouth on with marker.  The nose is a broken toothpick.  I realized after the fact that something looked off because I should have made toothpick arms.

Not that it mattered...the "smarshmallows" were apparently eaten by Libby around the time the girls went downstairs in the morning.  I was told this by a 4 year old with smarshmallow breath.

December 22

We'd had a few too many days of Libby within reach and too many close calls so this one was just a way to get her up off the counter...

December 23

Libby has been feeling a little stressed out this year - especially with two extremely "touchy" 4 year old in the she needed some yoga to help her unwind.

This one was pretty easy.  The girls have dollar store yoga mats, so I trimmed a 3 inch wide piece off the end of one of them.  I used some small pins to hold her in place and stuck them into foamcore that I put underneath the mat.   Best part is that now that I have cut the mat and the foamcore - I have them for future years of Libby yoga postures.

December 24

In the effort of going out with a bang, things got a little SUPER around here for Christmas eve.  Super ELF that is.

This one was pretty easy.  Just some clear jewelry thread and a bit of blue fabric to make the cape.  I think it would have been better with fishing line since the elastic stuff I used was a bit thick and more noticeable.  I tied the line in a loop from the dining room light and wiggled her around until she looked like she was flying.   The cape was just a longish rectangle of fabric with a U cut out of it to create ties.

So there is another week (plus a couple) of ideas you can feel free to steal ;)  and, as always - if you like them, please pin them (or repin them because I will have them pinned on my RWRM Elf on the Shelf board!)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week Three

Phewf - survived another week...and I am going to admit right now that I was kind of on a minimal effort kick for craziness has taken over my life and I have too much magic to orchestrate to make this much more than it was.


I was home with a sick kiddo, but once she started feeling better in the afternoon, we walked to the post office and back to mail holiday parcels.  Turns out that was almost exactly a mile.  Not much over.

and the Slowest. Mile. Ever.


I couldn't bear the treadmill so took advantage of a beautiful night and went for a full moon run


Treadmill quickie


Rualked away an episode of Gossip close to finishing off the series.


Geared up for a busy weekend with another episode.


Only had time for half of the finale episode before my haircut.


Despite many technical difficulties with my tablet and Netflix - I finished off the series.  It was this slow because I had to keep slowing to a walk to troubleshoot.

Now I can spend the rest of the month immersing myself in some geekdom while I 'mill it.  Dr Who, here I long last.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Reads: Finding Christmas by Robert Munsch

I do not know how this book has not made it into our holiday library before this.   I love it and my girls ABSOLUTELY adored it when we read it together this week.  

The story is about a little girl who always finds her holiday gifts.  But not this year.  This year they are hidden so well she can't find them at all.  It's Christmas eve and she is distressed that there are no presents at all for her.  Then, in talking to her friend across the street, she realizes that her parents had a REALLY good hiding spot this a box on the back of the Santa's sleigh her parents put on the roof.  She climbs out onto the roof and, sure enough, the presents are inside.  And then she falls in and can't get out.

Imagine her parents surprise when they bring in the box and find her asleep inside!   I don't want to spoil what they did with her so you should definitely check it out and find out for yourself.

The girls haven't spent much time "re-reading" this on their own, but they have brought it to me several times for another snuggle and read.  I think it is going to be the book that ends up being a family classic around here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Langdon Sidewalk Report

Tonight, I couldn't bear the thought of getting on the treadmill again.  It was too beautiful of a night to not go outside.  Only problem was my headlamp hasn't been charged in months.  That almost thwarted it, until I turned it on and discovered it was still pretty bright (Black Diamond FTW!)  So I wasted no time in getting outside.

Safety first - I coated myself in light and blinkies.

The blizzard a couple of weeks ago made me wonder exactly what kind of sidewalks I would be running along...imagine my surprise when I came on this sight at a house that normally never shovels.

Of course, these guys a little further along made up for it...

Seriously - do they not OWN a shovel?  They must have a blade on their truck since the driveway was done...

It took me a couple of kms to warm up, but then I realized something.  I didn't want to stop.  My initial plan was just to do a quick 2-3k loop on the sidewalks on the west side of town and then call it a night.   But I was feeling joy.  The pure happy kind that makes you want to run forever.  It was like a wee bit of my missing mojo made an appearance tonight.  Perhaps it was the fresh air. Perhaps it was the twinking holiday lights.  Who knows...but I wanted to keep going.

So I did.

I decided to loop Langdon Park before heading home - which would add an extra km to my route.

Amazingly, the whole loop there was plowed...

and then I ventured along the street to get to the crosswalk...yep - that side of town still doesn't have sidewalks.

It was only in the last half of a kilometre that I realized something.  Tonight is full moon

I had unwittingly headed out for a Full Moon Run.

I'm going to say that must be where the joy came from.

Four slow K done.  Still streaking.

Monday, December 16, 2013

MOMday: Another Week of Elf on the Shelf Ideas

December 9

The week started off with a bang.  All weekend, Buggie had been pestering me to put up lights outside and to get her a toy christmas tree...I had initially planned to have Libby turn their little playhouse into a gingerbread house, but decided to just put up some lights and install a tree instead.

December 10

Not every idea needs to be complicated.

December 11

All of this flying back and forth to the north pole every night and then getting into mischief around the house must have made a mess of her clothes, because Libby ended up doing her laundry.

This one is pretty easy, but do put some more thought into the support for the laundry line if you do it.  The useless bamboo knitting needles were really hard to keep upright.  You can also buy mini clothespins at Dollar Tree if you want to make it even more authentic.  To make the towel around Libby, I just trimmed down an old wash cloth and stuck some velcro to it.  I may sew it in better in case I want to reuse the towel another year.

December 12

I think the movie night setup might be the all-time favourite of the girlies.  Bug was nearly vibrating when she found her in the morning...and I don't think it was just because of the actual popcorn.

December 13

I deviated from the calendar.  Call it lazy momma or call it tired momma but this momma really just wanted to go to bed early.

December 14

This one is pretty simple and can be made even more simple.  Just tie the yarn between two light fixtures and hang the elf off it.  I've seen some people fashion a handle out of a paper clip.  I was just going to pin her hands together over the line, but decided to use those plastic candycanes again and tape them to her arms.  It was actually better because she sat much more balanced on the line (the pin tended to make the line sharply pull down.)

In other news, the girls now think I am very angry with Libby because she keeps taking my stuff.  First she stole the Christmas tree I "bought for my work" and she keeps stealing yarn and I am almost out of gift wrapping tape because she keeps using it up.

December 15

The hope was to keep it simple again.   A swing made of a toilet paper tube and some yarn hung on the curtain rod. was all working so well until I tried to add Libby to the mix.  It started to look like a strange trapeze act, the way she would suddenly flip upside down.  Finally, I had to wrap her arms around the string and then put a safety pin through her hat and around both strings.   She wasn't going anywhere by the time I was done.   This one is pretty easy - I just made the mistake of thinking it would be fast on an evening when I was dealing with sick and puking kids...

Hope these help any elf moms who are struggling.  If you like them, please pin them :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Week of Streak - Week Two

Well - I'm still going!  Yay me!


This was such a hectic day for me.  A three hour long morning commute culminated in my discovering my access card to the office (and my heated parking) had gone missing and so I spent the day worried and stressed out. I did a Kettleworx core workout at lunch and then, after the kids took too long to settle down, I hit the treadie with half an episode of Gossip Girl and knocked off 3k.


My commutes since the storm hit last week have been more hellish than usual and I am exhausted.  I decided to go to bed early on Tuesday to see if that would help with my general well being and that meant I needed to get the mile in at lunch.  I decided to walk my errands over my lunch break and got in 2k walking to the fabric store and back.  It also got me outside for the first time since the streak began.


Had to watch the other half of that episode form Monday :D


I decided to run errands at lunch so had to get in my run on the treadmill...Gossip Girl helped the time pass.  I find I can ignore the fact I am on a hamster wheel if I distract myself with TV.


Got in a 2.5k rualk after my body couldn't decide if it wanted to walk or run.


Decided I didn't want to run into the same problem I had last week so hit the treadie first thing in the morning and finished off the episode I started on Friday...another 3k done.  And it's a good thing I got it done early because I spent the evening dealing with sick kid stuff...


Long run day. Met Tina for 14k.  Ended up running out of path (thank you yyc flood)

and offroading it for 3k.  Ended up with 15k on a day I really didn't feel like doing anything.  

and a mid-month Dietbet update...

It is going REALLY well.  I'm not dropping pounds super fast, but I am really close to the goal weight for this month. Only 2.5lbs to go.