Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snow Day

I had intended to wake up early today to write.  Gotta boost that word count, because Keith is consistently 1000 words ahead!   But, alas, today my daughters let us sleep in until 9!  That NEVER happens.  So writing had to wait until later.

Shortly after I made myself coffee, I looked up and - sure enough - it had started to snow.  Big fat snowflakes.   The kind that make big fat snowmen.  I was going to be a snow day.

We decided we would waste the morning and then go on a family date day.   So bundled up and headed to the used bookstore in town.

I'm pretty sure all of us were soaked by the time we got there.  It may be snowing, but it might as well be rain for all of the puddles we trudged through.

and then, when we were done hunting through the disorganized and cramped stacks of books - we hit the Prairie Grounds for a coffee and pastry fix.

Hubby had brought his fancy camera along and, on the way home, the girls hammed it up for him.

and one from me...Doodle wanted me to draw a "love heart" for her. Then she traced it.

When we finally got home and changed out of our soaked clothes - it was time for me to do some writing.    This is the first year that I don't really have a dedicated office space so I didn't know where I could find some peace...I finally decided I would just commandeer hubby's office and get cracking.

Of course - he has a remote controller for his computer installed on his phone so it took a bit for me to find peace as he decided photoboothing me would be fun.

apparently that meant he had to retaliate with the chipmunk filter...

So pretty...but after that he left me along to write. Bring on the pomodoro timer!

So I have added another 1800 words to the manuscript.  I'm not done for the day...but it's a good start.  Now to beat Keith...


  1. Good luck with that! The ambulance just arrived, and there is a rich field for human drama to explore tomorrow. Weeping teens. Distraught wife. Stoic dad. Heartsick host. Worried friends. And, could there be a polar bear?

    1. Crap! An ambulance AND cross-species casting? I'm sunk...or am I. I have a girl who does't remember her first 17 years and is entrenched in uncovering the truth the government is hiding

  2. You are not going to believe what you've done to me. I was trying to convince the kids to go back to sleep this morning-the time change had them awake at 5:30! So I tucked everyone back in, waited a few minutes and turned on my phone to check Twitter. That chipmunk filter made me laugh out loud-making the kids jump out of bed thinking it was time to get up! I think it will be a 2 coffee day today.

    1. So not my fault. You should know to expect the unexpected quirk around here :P Probably a good thing he didn't do videos though....

  3. Love the pictures of your girlies! They are adorable. Sounds like a fun snow day!


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