Monday, November 25, 2013

Shoulda Been, Streaking Practice and Starting Fresh

Wow - I am losing my touch.  Not only did I fail to blog about my long run yesterday...I forgot to even download my Garmin!

Yesterday, I met up with Tina at Eau Claire for 10k.  I had woken up with a migraine that I only seemed to barely be able to control for an hour or two at a time so I was feeling rather like crap.  But I had skipped my long run last weekend and felt like I needed to get some miles in.

Honestly, neither of us were feeling it.  I think if either of us had mentioned coffee, we would have both abandoned ship and drowned our sorrows in lattes.   These are the faces of two people who don't really want to be there...

But look at how well we were coordinated with our shoes.  I didn't notice it until after I downloaded the pics.

We knew there were path closures for flood rehab to the west but we weren't sure exactly where so we decided we would head east to the zoo, cross the river and then come back to 10 street and then back to Eau Claire.  It was fairly smooth sailing until we got to Inglewood and then there was a path closure where they are building the new bridge.  Nothing a quick detour won't fix and then we were back on the path again.

Unfortunately, after we crossed the river, we hit ice and our walk became a power walk.  By the tim ewe got to Centre Street, Tina was definitely not feeling well and then we hit the path closure and had to cross over Memorial where we were forced to walk again.  We decided that when we hit the bridge at the curling club, we'd call it a day. The river was so pretty as we crossed over.

and then we were done.

Then, I had to make a pitstop at the Running Room.  Before I met up with Tina, I saw they had those mesh shirts from Brooks on clearance and I needed to try them on and hopefully take one home.
Blurry but the shirt is super cute.
and then it was coffee time...truly the only reason I actually showed up.  and we even ran into Sophia so had an impromptu bloggy meetup right there in Good Earth.

So blurry.  I should have checked them.

Anyway - we got in 7.5k so it wasn't a total loss.   Something is always better than nothing and on a day as mild as Sunday was, well - you just have to take advantage of it when you get one of those anywhere between November and April.

And that brings us to the topic of motivation.  I am lacking it - BIG TIME!


I am in such need of a kick in the ass it isn't even funny.  I thought that registering for Hypothermic Half might do it but nope - nada.  Not even a little.

That motivated me to sign up for a holiday running streak.  Strides, a local running store, does a streak every year.  One mile a day for the month of December.

So, I signed up.  My thought is that I will run 2k each day (because I don't think in imperial except as it relates to my height and weight) and at the end of December, maybe I will have found my mojo again.  I will probably have earned myself my highest mileage month in a while as long as I can keep going.  It's 2k.  I can do that in a few minutes on a treadmill if I need to.

Today, I decided to do a test run.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I workout with the Kettlebelles and I wanted to see if I could maybe do the 2k before I did my strength training.  Like a warmup.  I would just head downstairs to the gym 15 mins early and get in the run.  Of course, we work out in a meeting room right at noon so 15 mins early still puts me in the prime busy time at the office gym...all of the treadmills were taken.

I almost gave up right then and I headed up to my desk to kill time until the group workout.  And then I smacked myself upside the head and said "It's nice - I can just run 1k out and 1k back and do it outside."

So then I did.

I had a weird moment where I saw this out of the corner of my eye (Have I ever mentioned that I am peripherally blind in one eye?) and thought this utility box was a sheep...can you see it?

anyway - I got it done...and in capris no less...

Not the most exciting of routes...heck - it almost looks like a backward Z as in zzzzzzz. HA!

But I got it done.

and then I put in a half hour of core work.

Today the Kettlebelles started over with Kettleworx.  This time with heavier bells.   I really love these workouts and am looking forward to seeing the results I get this time around.  Last time, I noticed serious gains in so many ways - I just need to clean up my eating and I think I will see some amazing things happen in the next 6 weeks.

Which brings me to my next ass kicker...I think I need to join another DietBet.   So I decided to start one!  Starting next week, I'll be DietBetting again.

You can totally join me for a Swift Kick to the Mojo!  $25 bet - if you lose 4% of your start weight - you win.  Winners split the pot! I hope you'll think about joining in because I seem to be hearing a resounding fart noise as everyones mojos seem to be deflating around me.   (and - even if you are already in a bet, you can always join another...totally allowed in dietbet world).  I may even revive the Mojo Jar for the occassion!

Bring on the mojo reving!


  1. That photo wasn't blurry. It was just the radiance of the 3 smiles.

    I've been wondering if someone upgraded the twins momojo-sucker 5.1.

  2. I've been lacking lately too and I've gone and declared all kinds of goals too! Maybe we need to re-create a Mojo Jar of some sort...

  3. A diet bet over Christmas...I'm fairly sure my trip to NYC with all of the yummy food there would make that a serious challenge! That being said I plan on keeping up with the running and strength work while I'm there though!

    Best of luck with the run streak!


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