Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let the Half Training Begin!

Ok - slacking BEGONE!  I admit - I have been a bit absent from the running scene for a while now.  Like almost a month and only one run since Ekiden.  I've been doing my Kettleworx workouts 3 times a week with the Belles, but my running shoes have not been pounding the pavement.

Until today.

What's so special about today, you ask?  Well, it is officially the start of my Half training for Hypothermic Half (My basic training plan is here).  Time for this girlie to get off her ass and get some miles in.

Tina came down to meet me for some Runch and we hit the road at around noon.  She had taken a pretty nasty fall at Last Chance Half last weekend so I left pace and walk breaks up to her.  My goal was just to get 5k in and see how far my fitness had fallen in the past month. (hint: A LOT!)

Plus, it would give me a chance to try out the Gap Fit leggings I got on sale last spring for $15.  Until this morning, they still had the tags on them because it hadn't been cold enough to run in them since I bought them.

Snazzy, eh?  Don't they look fast!  I'm gonna call them my "racing stripes"

And long enough for my lengthy gams too.

Oh...and they are mid-rise and don't become transparent when you bend over.   Well worth the $15 I got them for ;)  Actually - they're well worth the full price now that I've run in them.

We lucked out and had a REALLY nice day for it.  There was a chinook arch in the morning, but it had left by the time we ran and left us with almost balmy temperatures.

Ok - back to the run.  We did the Canyon Meadows loop in reverse.

Snowy sidewalks had us hiking up hills and tenderly tiptoeing down them.

We didn't even have much of a stop at the Anderson crossing.  Tina regaled me with tales of Last Chance (which I missed since I was out of town all weekend) and I showed off the new tattoo.   Before we knew it, we were done.

5k done in 45ish minutes.  No slips. No falls. No freezing our asses off - I'd call that a success!  Happy day one of half training!

Oh - and my bloggy runner girl, Michelle, was such a sweetie and nominated me for the Chick'd contest that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

If you're on Facebook and would like to toss a vote my way - that would be awesome!  Here's the link!  You can only vote once but you can vote for as many people as you want so check it out! Just "Like" anyone you want to vote for. Thank you in advance!


  1. I didn't know you were doing this race! I can't seem to find a course map-am I blind?

  2. Nice job on the run at lunch! I love how you are wearing a long sleeve shirt and Tina has a vest/jacket on. Who was over/under dressed? :)

    1. I actually think we were both dressed perfectly :) I tend to run far too warm. So the longsleeve was just right :)

  3. Pity you couldn't buy two of those pants.12 weeks. Hypo half. Hmmm, let me go talk to my legs...

  4. Happy training! And $15 for running tights is a great deal!!

    1. Yeah - they have them all on sale for 40% off this week too, which would make a pair probably $30...seriously tempted to stock up.


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