Tuesday, November 5, 2013

200 Days

EEP!  200 Days until I fly out to Punta Cana!  Operation: Bikini is officially underway!

I admit, I've been pretty slack lately.  My adherence to The Four Hour Body has slipped...a lot.  My running has been pretty sporadic.  The only thing I've been doing somewhat consistently is working out with my Kettlebelles  I am LOVING the Kettleworx workouts.  Loving them!  Totally doable and I feel like I am feeling results, even if my current fat layer isn't revealing them.

So, this week, I am back on the wagon and I really need to do my damndest to stay on.

  • Back on the Four Hour Body diet - it was pretty effective when I was on it.
  • Cutting back on coffee.  Not a full wean, but not the three calorie filled lattes a day I've been drinking.
  • Registering today for a winter half marathon to keep motivated to run through the holidays - probably Hypo Half. I really want the snowflake medal.
  • Keep going with the Kettlebelles.  We are on week 4 of Kettleworx and are already planning a second rotation.
  • Stay strong through my birthday and the holidays.  This will be tricky but I'm going to try really hard.
200 days is a long time.  It doesn't seem like it, but I know it is plenty of time to make a pretty significant difference.

Let's do this thing!


  1. 200 days is lots of time! It's also short enough it can get whittled away really quickly.

    I'm debating the hypo half too. I once said there's no way I'd ever do a race with the word "hypothermic" in it, but now I'm starting to think that the very fact I said I'd never do it is a good reason to sign up...

    1. Go for it!!!! :) I think it'll be a fun way to stay motivated through the darkest part of winter :)

  2. I'm not on Operation: Bikini but I am on Operation: Ironman! I'm trying to incorporate regular strength and core work and healthier eating habits to make me leaner for IMBoulder next year. And hopefully taking a few months off of racing to allow for some high intensity workouts will help too. It will be strange to not be training for a specific event early in the year this year, but I have to keep my eye on the prize of getting ready for Boulder!

    1. You are so going to rock IM #3, Leana. I'm a strong believer in "Third Time's a Charm" ;)

  3. I'm debating hypo half. It's much later this year, so I'm wondering if it will be too warm. 200 days is 40 weeks. All kinds of time. And Punta Cana, sounds so nice! Though, puzzled. Why go in May? Why not January?

    1. Go for it, Keith. I have a feeling there'll be alot of Calgary bloggers there :) I'm officially registered for the early bird.

      and I didn't get to choose the time or the location...my cousin got to since it's her wedding. And the reason I am missing the 50th Anniversary Calgary Marathon....

  4. I'm registered for the early bird Hypo too. Go on Keith, I want to hear more about your polar bear :)

    Just started a 6 week fitness prog at work today - holleee crap.


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