Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) I was having 90's shoe flashbacks black "winter" flats have developed a squeaky heel and its driving me crazy.  Finally my mind drifted back to the last truly comfy pair of mary janes I owned (I'm a mary jane fanatic) and realized they were the black Doc Marten Mary Janes I had in high school.  Then I found out there is a Canadian Doc Marten website...and next thing I knew, I ordered the only pair of these in my size

Considerably lower profile than the ones I wore in 1993 and they'd discontinued the t-bar ones...but I think these are super cute and my feet are already dreaming about how comfy they will be.... ahhhhh

I totally just dated myself there.  Is it wrong to admit I was actually contemplating adding a pair of boots to the order too?  I held myself back for now...the urge to add some baggy plaid back into my wardrobe might grow too great if I give in...

2) I am really loving re-reading Lord of the Rings again.  Every time I re-read it, I remember what an incredible novel it is.  If you haven't read it yet and only know LOTR from the movies, please do yourself a favour and read the book.  Let it captivate you.

3) So - a meetup...this Saturday after Harvest Half.

It seems like many of you are up for it so how about this...I'm thinking coffee.  Theres a Starbucks not far away in Millrise Centre - just on the west side of Macleod there.  Same shopping centre as Sobeys and Shoppers.
A= Mid-Sun Community Centre (aka finish line)
B= Starbucks (aka heaven on earth)

I don't even know how to predict a time for the meet up since we'll all likely finish at different times.  Race starts at 7:45am.  In a perfect world, I'll be done by 10 :P   I don't know if I'll hang around the finish line so maybe just say we all try to meetup for coffee sometime around 10:30 or 11.  Sound good?


  1. i need to reread...i want to have the BOOKS!! mmmm maybe free on kobo?

    i might have to get a flsk so we can add baileys to coffee tweetup. shhhh dont tell

  2. also. i love you are as dorky as me!!

  3. Books. mmmmmmmm. Movies? not so much.

    Meetup. Hmmm. Need to work out car details. Maybe I'll ride my bike. Complicated scheduling for a saturday morning. Planning to do some cheering at the very west end of the course, while you're all still feeling perky. About the 7 K mark, if I read the course map right.

    Wait, if I haven't run the race, or volunteered, am I allowed/invited?

    1. You're totally invited, Keith! Open invite to anyone who wants to join us.

  4. Sounds like a plan for Saturday! Last night had a dream I ran 22k training pre-race, fell asleep then missed actual race. Then landscapers got involved and we went to LA. Caffeine this morning please.

    It's -3 and I'm still wearing sandals.

    1. LOL - and I broke out the boots the first day I saw frost on my car...but I am much happier dressing for winter wardrobe far exceeds my summer one.

      Looking forward to seeing you :)

  5. Hahaha when I first saw those shoes I thought they were for the girls! They do look comfy though! I'm not sure I could go back to the Doc Martens days.

    I'll try to meet up for coffee. Our office is planning to go for lunch after the race so I'll try to stop by before that. I'm sure I will see you at the start either way.

    1. Fingers crossed! I hope you can make it.

      and I totally would have bought them for the girls too, but they only had the heavy lug soled ones for the midgens. cute but my girls would probably call them "boy shoes" like how Bug called blue jeans "boy pants"


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