Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Official Photos: Harvest Half Marathon 2013

Even though some of these are almost cute, I won't be wasting my money this year...

...and a couple of them may go up on my fridge as a reminder...*shudder*

Could the girl behind me look any happier to be running behind me?

It looks like I am saying to myself "just keep smiling.  just keep smiling"

Deep in concentration as I head into the finish...

Apparently I am channeling the joker here with my odd little smile...


  1. The last one is great, you're either happy to be almost done or giving the photo guy a 'how you doin'?' look :) I like it!

  2. Yours turned out way better than mine! I should actually do that- put a picture on the fridge/pantry to remind myself to stay out!

    Even if the pictures were amazing, there is no way I am spending $40-$50 on race photos. I did that for my first half and that's it.

    People keep saying I don't look pregnant but I definitely see (and feel it).

  3. Yours are not bad at all...OMG mine are HORRIFIC. Just pretending they don't exist. :-)

  4. Great photos!! You look great. The same company was also at Melissa's and they caught a good photo of me. I'd love to buy it but it was $30 to download just one!


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