Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making sure I can still run...

Me and taper - we have this thing.   First I run the longest run.  Then I pretty much stop running. Start pigging out carb-loading.  Then, I usually get an injury of some sort.  Usually superficial.  Then I have a really bad run.  and then I begin to wonder if I am even capable of running anymore.



(psst - that 4k & 10k in there were walks...and the 16 had an overall pace of 12:12/km)

check.  (Don't even ask me about 4 Hour Body..I'll be back on the wagon next week)

check. and check. (have you met my new mystery bruise yet?)

check.  and today was time to add the final check.

And it would also give me a chance to figure out what to wear I took my Oiselle Flyte LS for it's test run.

After a busy morning at work, the world was trying to conspire against me meeting Katie downstairs.  But I got there and was only a few mins late.

I needed to:

  • check that that bruise wasn't going to cause any issues while running.  I woke up with it on Monday morning and it hurts like hell most of the time but I have no clue how I got it.  I probably tripped on a  toy or something.
  • Make sure the shirt was going to be comfortable and non-chafey for me
  • Brainstorm with Katie what to wear - ok, that one kinda developed mid-run
  • Make sure all of the rest I've been getting during taper had made my naggy knee issue vanish
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - make sure I still knew how to run.  After Sunday's walk, I need this for my own peace of mind going into Saturday's half.
We headed out and walked a bit before we started running, but once we were running - I felt pretty good.  The bruise didn't hurt.  My knees didn't hurt.  I had a bit of shin pain that went away after the first few mins. 

Apparently I CAN still run!
(and I CAN still take dorky mid-run photos)
The shirt rocked!

I still have no clue of what to wear (though I think I need to bring my shoes home from work and wear those just to be safe).  I may wear this shirt if it's cold enough, though it is pretty light even if it does warm's a contender.  No clue on pants. I may put up a poll of possibilities later so y'all can help me.

We ran a different loop in Canyon Meadows, which was awesome because then we didn't have to wait at the lights at Anderson to cross over.  5k later we were done and I was rushing off to another series of meetings.

As for my goals? I dunno - I think the best I can do is just get out there and trust my training and my realities.  Who knows, I might just surprise myself.




    we will RAWK but of course

  2. Could do the disposable sweatshirt/hoodie thing to stay warm before race. During? I never know these things. My theory is usually you can shed a layer if you need to, and have it to shed, but once you've started you can't put on a layer you don't have.

  3. As long as you can still take dorky photos mid-run, what else really matters? You ladies are going to have an awesome race!

  4. Wow, that is quite the bruise! Hope your ankle is feeling okay for the race this weekend. Best of luck out there!

  5. You are going to have a good race! I'm loving your short hair!

    I think I might bring a throwaway shirt. Last year I wore a short sleeve shirt and was perfect but I expect to do a bit more walking this year so maybe long sleeve is a better option. I'm bringing a few options and deciding when I arrive.

    Love mystery bruises. I get them all the time.


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