Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumny Runch

After Saturday's half, I was soooooo stiff.  Seriously - hover and collapse territory there for two full days.  I didhaul my butt down for a workout with the Kettlebelles yesterday...First Kettleworx workout and I am sure you'll be hearing more about those from me before too long.  

But today...today was going to need to be a run. Time to shake out those legs before the cobwebs built up.

It also would give me a chance to put the new laces to the test in my purple Kinvaras and see if it was the skate shoe laces causing the bruising and blistering (spoiler: yep - feet were fine today...glad I swapped the laces)

love the dress sock indents on my ankles - HA!
Tina got to my office around 11:40 and I walked out to meet her.  Immediately, I was a bit concerned about my choice in runwear.  It is getting a bit too cold for a tank around these parts...especially when the sky is spitting at you.
Here goes nothing...
I was only looking to do 4k so we took off in the usual southwood loop.  No major protestations from my legs, but my knee was a little grumbly - I think I'll be booking in with my chiro this week to have that taken care of.

We ran the loop and as we were coming in for a landing on the path that runs along the train tracks, we decided to take advantage of the fall colours...especially since there were so many of them there!


There was a little hill up there - so we played around  a bit before wrapping up the run...

As Buggie would say - this is the "getting ready to skeedaddle" pose
me - skeedaddling down the hill
Overall, I felt pretty good on this run.  I expected to feel much stiffer, considering how I've felt the past few days...but it's all good.

And when we got back to Tina's car, she had a little surprise for me - trail socks and a "BREATHE" Endorphin Warrior bracelet.

Let the arm party begin!

Some Nike+ Geekery

Slow and steady, but this was about all I had left in me...
and that last km had a whole lotta photo taking in it


  1. Did you forget to ice bath? ;)

    Love all the fun pictures!

    I hate the sock indent! I bought some ankle black socks to combat that problem- except they were crappy socks and they had holes in the toes within a couple wears!

    1. Ummm..I might have forgotten ice bath. BAD Cori. Bad bad Cori. and then I may have forgotten an epsom bath...lots of recovery suckage happened this weekend lol

      I need to go buy more banana republic socks for work. Those are the only pairs I have that don't cause it. Cheap costco socks are indent city...but oh so much cheaper than BR ones!

  2. Great shots you guys got today! I love that bracelet. Is the other silver bracelet part of it or seperate?

    1. Separate...that one was a gift from hubby on our weddingmoon...my piece of mexican silver from that trip

  3. Pardon my filthy mind. I saw an extra vowel in there, and was briefly afeared to know what you had been up to. These runners, you know, they'll get up to anything. Then my eyes focussed and all was well. Love the autumn photos. I hadn't realized that hill was so big.

  4. I love the mid-run photo shoot! And nice treats from Tina! I wanna come run with you guys!


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