Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Rehab

Ok - so once upon a time I had this injury.  This sill little stupid injury.  Hammock-induced.  Yep - fell off a hammock and smashed my calf into the frame.  Lovely bruise.  Great deal of pain.  Yeah - it was super fun.

Well, a month has passed and the bruise is history, but there is still a lump and this past week it started to cause me some shin pain when I ran.  Super fun stuff.  Instead of crying about it, though, I took it as an opportunity to:

1) Take the long weekend off while we visited the inlaws

2) Register for a half marathon before my goal half to make up the distance I'd lose this week (though something MAY be wrong with me there - I don't even think there's a medal <cough>medalwhore<cough>) was a weekend of rehab.  I packed my roller.  I packed my advil.  I packed my swimsuit.  and instead of fussing about a missed run, I did something strange.  I enjoyed myself in the moment.

We dug in the garden

I brought home organic zucchini and kale...

We caught bugs

We hung out with lots of puppies

Even when this one...

Tried to take this one down...

(Yes - there was blood involved.  No - it was not cool.  I almost had to break out my suture skills. Thank goodness no kids were nearby...just a quest for alpha dog.)

We watched the wildlife

We celebrated and indulged
Hubby is turning a bit older than 5 tomorrow...

We played

We went for a walk

We hung out in the hot tub...but I'm not posting THOSE pictures...your eyes will thank me...and it's worth mentioning that having the jets pulverize my calf was excellent therapy.

I even had a little help with the rehabing

And after a few days off, my calf is feeling...better.  Better enough that I will chance a run on Wednesday.  I have back to back 10k races on the weekend so I want to give it the best chance of healing.

One things for sure...this was one of the best family weekends I've had in awhile. As Doodle would say, we were "in the love" this weekend.


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday to the husband!!

  2. Nice weekend. If there's a knot where the bruise was, or near it, you might need to get a bit more aggressive with it, as in pro massage (I know a good one), or accupuncture, or the Intra Muscular Stimulation, or maybe a bit of Active Release. I think you know of Dr MacDonald in the next building to you? In any case, don't let it go too long. Have fun with the runs! Back to back 10K, they must be good medals!


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