Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1)   About that knee pain...

So, I've written about my naggy knee a couple of times and now it is fixed.  Thank goodness for a supportive chiropractor.  I had an appointment already booked for last night and that was the only reason I hadn't been trying to get in faster.  When I told him about my sudden knee issue - he started to poke around my lower leg and when he touched one part of my calf, I nearly shot through the roof.

So tender.

He continued to poke a bit before announcing that my Fibula was stuck.  10 minutes of adjusting later - the knee pain was gone. I iced it last night just to be careful and, while my leg is still a bit tender, the crunching pain beneath my kneecap is miraculously gone.

The Doc told me it is fairly common - he's had it happen to him more than a few times in the sports he plays...he said it is likely a result of my back to back speedy races last weekend and my having not been pushing myself to that level in training because I was trying to heal my other calf.

Makes total sense.  I'm just happy to be able to climb stairs without crying today.


2)   I have been really good with my food all week, now that I am following the Four Hour Body plan.  I'm actually not minding it at all.  I get one cheat day each week and I am actually pleasantly surprised that the only things I really want to have that day are pasta, a pumpkin spice latte and cheesecake.   This may actually be a plan I can stick with.

Oh...and I've lost 4lbs since Monday.  That too.


3)    I am getting pretty excited about my races this weekend.  The Kaleidoscope Colour Run on Saturday with my 12 year old niece promises to be super fun.  I pick up the race packages tonight and she is coming to our house for a sleepover on Friday night so we can have a smoother start on Saturday morning.  No time goals for that one - just to get as colour soaked as possible and have a blast with my niece.

Sunday, I run Loop Around the Lake Half in Chestermere.  Two flat loops around Chestermere Lake.  If my knee is back to 100% by then - I may turn on the speed and see if I have 2:15 in the tank.  If not - well, technically it's just a training run anyway.  Most importantly, I just want to have fun and rock the race.


  1. A stuck Fibula? Good grief that sounds like an awful thing, but well done pioneering new injuries and solutions! :)

    Hope to see you on Saturday and good luck for Sunday!

  2. Yay for helpful chiropractors!! Mine always helps with my small aches and pains.

    Good work on sticking to the food plan. Nice weight loss!

    I want to do that half in Chestermere one year. I used to live there. Maybe next year? Hope it goes well for you!

    You are the coolest aunt! Looks like that is going to be one fun race.


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