Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Run that Wasn't

My knee has been a bit naggy since this weekend's races but not too bad.  Just annoying.   It didn't cause me a smidge of issue in my strength workout yesterday.

But today it felt bad.

Right in here

Le Sigh.

But I had a run date with Tina and I was looking forward to it so I got changed and hauled my stupid knee downstairs.

Ten steps in, I called a walk.  Ok...maybe it was a bit further than that, but it was definitely before the hill.  Fortunately for me, Tina reassured me that she was okay with it being a walk.

So we walked and pushed the pace and talked race day strategy for 4k.

Then I had to get back into the office since the shit hit the fan around there this morning (if you know where I work, you know what I mean) and I had an afternoon of meetings.

Le Sigh.

On a side note - when I went to stretch out my calves after that walk - the left one was VERY tight.  

Tonight might be a yoga night to help rehab this.  I have a fun run and a half marathon this weekend and I think if I work at the therapy, I should be ok.  (and, apparently, I only took pics of my legs today).  I'm taking a run break until Saturday.

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  1. WE got a sweat on. You got out of work. You listened to neurosis!!!! HA!!! its all good. Ice ICE baby!!!


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