Monday, September 30, 2013

Goal Talk: 5 Sleeps Til Harvest Half

OMG where did this summer go?  In the blink of an eye - all of that time between Calgary Marathon and Harvest Half has suddenly flashed by!

Do I think my training has been particularly stellar for this race?   Well, it started off pretty good.  I had a solid month and a half of great training.  Hills. Speed. Strong long runs.  I was also coming off of new PBs in both 5K & 10K races this spring.  I figured nothing could get me down.

But then I fell out of a hammock and that screwed me up until my calf had healed.  Then I pushed it on back to back 10k races and hurt my fibula and ended up with knee pain.  I've taken some rest time and sever chiro visits and that seems to be handled.  Then, a half marathon that ended up being 25K (and filled with chafe)... Then, this morning, I woke up with a huge bump and bruise on my inner left ankle where I don't recall any trauma taking place.  The world appears to be conspiring against me.

Let's just say August and September have sucked for training.  My speed isn't where I'd like it to be.  My endurance isn't where I'd like it to be.  I'm not feeling like I am on track to meet my 2:15 goal, though maybe Saturday will surprise me.  I know my combined race times in my back to back 10ks are on track for a 2:15-2:17 half...

So with less than a week to go - I figured it was time to start laying out a few goals for Saturday...

 Goal A: 

 Goal B: 
 Sub-2:19:18 and a new PB for me. 

 Goal C: 
 Under 2:26 - this would have me beat last years time in this race. 

 Goal D: 
 Just Finish (I'm hoping it doesn't come to this...) 

I think I have 2:15 hidden in me somewhere and I hope it will show it's face on this race.  I certainly plan to give it my all.  Part of me wants to leave my Garmin at home, but I know that running naked just doesn't work for me.  If I can meet Goal B - I think I'll be very happy.  Not 2:15 happy...but a new PB would be a great way to wrap up the year.

I still need to figure out my outfit for this race too.  As few annoyances as possible is that goal.  I want to wear my magic pants, but after Loop Around The Lake, I am a bit scared about the potential chafing.  Chances are, I'll be wearing a tank and possibly a longsleeve over top.

I'm also thinking that I know a heck of a lot of people running this race.  Is anyone up for a tweetup/meetup?  Maybe coffee after the race?

Are you running Harvest Half?

Are you going into it with any goals this year?

Are you up for a tweetup/meetup after? 


  1. I'm running this race (first time!), but won't be able to stick around because my mom is in town visiting. Sending you speedy power to get your PR!

  2. No. But watch for me on the course. Maybe I should look up the course first, but if it's the same as last year...

  3. i swore i commented. wierd.

    anyhoo. OF COURSE there is a tweet up a roonie. Also what the HELL am I wearing??? eeek!!! I have a goal i WONT say out loud. I have a goal to beat my best time. And we share a Voldemort goal. The goal that shall not be mentioned. OF course we are fiishing. Not going there. I ran last weekend without really looking (ok two peeks) at my watch. So that is my goal. Head down. Just run!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!! WE survived Chestermere. WE will do this. hell yes.

  4. I'll be there, no big goals - training has basically not happened post-marathon :) Hoping to just enjoy running. Also available post race! It's high time I saw your new hair and met Tina!

  5. Oh yeah, #tweetup! My goals never materialize until I stand at the start. Too much depends on sleep, stress, Celiac GI issues, etc. I just take it one day, one race at a time.

  6. I should be there assuming my cold doesn't morph into something evil and my toe is healed. Fingers crossed!

    I know you can at least meet goal b which would be great! I'm hoping the weather cooperates and it isn't too windy. A repeat of last year would be perfect!

    I don't really have any goals. Obviously I want to finish, standing up but I doubt I will come anywhere close to last years time and that's ok. I just don't want to be out there too long!

    I'm definitely up for a meet up. I might be going for brunch with some coworkers that are racing also but that's not confirmed.

    Good luck!!

  7. Hey-I'll be a course marshall in the first half of the race. With my IT Band issue popping up I may be just too blue for a meet up after to hear everyone's fun running adventures. If I wasn't already committed, I'd be staying home in bed.

  8. Ugh I am sorry! i know sometimes it really seems like the world is conspiring against us. Well maybe the world will give you a break this weekend! :) I will be rooting for you in spirit. Take it easy these next few days and ice away. I like setting goals. I like the A, B, and C goals and honestly during the race sometimes those change. My first postpartum half I wanted to go sub 2. I kept telling myself i am not a 2 hour half marathoner (nothing wrong with it it was just my mantra) when I realized it wasn't happening I started saying I am not a 2:05 half marathoner haha. Things happen, adjust, push yourself, but be gentle and have fun


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