Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1) Neil finally got home from his well-deserved vacation and was able to get the official pics from 5 Peaks Fish Creek processed :)  I'm actually super happy with all of mine.  These are the proofs, but I think I might actually buy a couple of them.

 I have been thinking nearly non-stop about my race calendar for next year (funny, since I still have 5 or 6 races left this year lol).  The big thing, though, is that I am determined to spend much more time on the trails next year...and to run TWO MARATHONS.  Calgary is out since I will be in Punta Cana then, but I am thinking Banff Marathon in June as my road marathon and Grizzly Panorama Trail Marathon in the fall - which will get me out on the trails every week for my long runs ;)

I'm already very excited for 2014!!!

2) I seem to be completely obsessed with getting ahead on my holiday shopping and crafting this week.  I have so many ideas for the twins alone that I am going to need every spare moment to get them ready!  I think it is the cooler nights that is doing it to me...despite the days still being quite warm, the nights feel like fall.  Ah well - at least I'll be ready.

3) I've decided my hair is driving me completely bonkers!   It is suddenly extremely long!!! and my curls are starting to constantly look like I have slept on them!  I have started an actual countdown to my next hair appointment to try to keep myself focused so I don't just shave my head.  If anyone had ponytail friendly hairstyles they'd like to send me - I am so open to ideas :P


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  1. wait. do not cut hair. i know about the batshit crazies. I trimmed a couple incles and it made a HUGE diff....

    great pics. Good race. So glad I went and did it! Even if some of the pics (of me) are welll a bit harsh. was the subject not the shooter. I like your pics. you look fab!!!!


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