Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quick Zip Around Southwood

It had been a couple of busy weeks and I hadn't had a chance to meet up with Tina for a run so today we decided to get in a quick one between a late morning meeting for her and an early afternoon meeting for me.

We didn't talk much as we pushed ourselves for pretty much this whole 4k.

So 4k in around a half hour.  I think the most impressive thing of the whole run is how we pushed ourselves up that super long hill on Sacramento and had it end up being our fastest kilometre!!

On a side note - did you know that Tina is trying to win the Genuine Health Inner Champion contest?  Basically the prize is $10,000 to achieve a fitness dream and she would like to use it to train, travel and run at the Transrockies Run next year!   It is all vote-based so, if you have a spare moment, could you click here and cast a vote her way?  you can vote once per day!

I am feeling really good on my runs this week, despite my calf still making its presence known.   I hope the trend continues tomorrow when I hit the hills with Katie.  

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  1. Thank you for that run. And listening. And the hug. SNIFF. Sometimes personal shizz is so overwhelming. And what a difference a damn good run (and good friends) make!!!!

    And for the shoutout!! Crap I can't believe that boloody hill was our fastest. Way to PUSH IT!!! xx


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